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  1. Just watched Due Date, okay okay okay... I know most people found it a poor modern rendition of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles but the humor between Edward Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis is superb. They both are actors that play the same part in just about every movie it seems. The story is less than original but the chemistry between the two makes up for it. I'll give it a strong 8/10.
  2. Yeah and I'm totally okay with that. Now that I have internet at my place I just bought an HDMI cable and stream em through my laptop to my TV. It was worth it since Ross is putting out A LOT of content this year (Gamer's dungeon, Freeman's Mind, and Doom Guy's Mind). I'm more than willing to wait because I'd hate to pressure Ross so much that Freeman's mind becomes a chore...
  3. Gah, that means my machinima watching has been going for like 10 years now... its like a drug...
  4. Yet another great episode. I noticed how you said you're getting burnt out Ross and that's understandable. I hope you still enjoy making these freeman episodes because we all absolutely love them and if anything, the quality per episode has increased. I do miss some of the witty reflections upon freeman's old roomates like Eddy and the cattleprod. But still, every episode is superbly done. Happy holidays in Poland!
  5. I've thought about ripping them from youtube, but the quality is low and the format takes up too much space. I could convert them but then it gets...messy sometimes. Perhaps I'll just wait for Ross to sometime see this thread and remind him. It wouldn't surprise me if he has just forgotten.
  6. This thread has been viewed over 33,000 times! Ross should feel some pride in what he has created!
  7. Hey, I'm just wondering if/when there will be downloadable copies available for episodes 43-47. Do you guys know if there could be another way to get them if Ross is too busy to put them up for awhile?
  8. Can we request a progress bar on the "Special Project" atleast?
  9. To simply put it, Black Mesa tried to fix that and removed one of Half-Life's biggest charms. . I wasn't aware that they took parts out in Black Mesa? I thought it was simply revamped graphics and audio. With that being said, I'm glad Ross didn't switch to it. I am upset that he made such observations such as the box smashing room and in episode 0, the holograph that didn't have any emitters because now I judge games with the same skeptical eye. Like in Far Cry 3, there are centuries-old untouched Mayan ruins....that still have fires lit....wtf? Thanks Ross for removing my naivete....
  10. I liked the new sounds, however they were too loud. I think if you're going to start changing stuff, switch to Black Mesa mod. I know you covered this last September but you said you didn't want to change stuff in the middle of the series. I think if you change, just switch to Black Mesa and go all out. You'll already have new updated audio to the weapons. Also, I know this is the wrong place to post this, but when are the downloadable copies of episodes 44+ going to be added? I love watching Freeman's mind on my TV. You rock Ross! Thanks for more consistent updates and more videos. We know you work really hard. Hold a conference in the Midwest soon!
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