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  1. I voted Freeman's Mind, but RGD is awesome too. Alternating might be a nice idea, or 2 of 1 and 1 of the other. As someone else said, do what you need to do to keep afloat and making vids.
  2. Very optimistic. At this pace with 12-minutes in average, I say at least 20 more videos, probably 30. After 50 eps, he's currently around 23 minutes into the 29 minute speedrun. That hits Xen around minute 26. I think 8 to reach Xen isn't a bad guess, and the same again to finish the game. It's possible the Xen bits are easier to speedrun than the rest of the game though, and Ross will have more room to explore/get lost. I've only played through once many years ago.
  3. I feel bad that I didn't notice any change in the sounds. This is compounded by the fact that I don't own dog or a cat. I think this means that I need to make better life choices.
  4. I've played the first 20 minutes or so of it..exploring before the test chamber part. I love it, and I keep hearing Ross's reactions to things in my head when they use the same dialogue.
  5. If we use the half-life speedrun as a guide, remove the opening tram ride, and the final boss, then Ross is roughly 69% through the game.
  6. I laughed every single time he returned to the exact same room. Great idea. For a 10 minute episode with not much going on, you made it really consistently funny. One of the best eps so far.
  7. I thought it was awesome! Being told how to use the ladder, and his reaction to that was hilarious. These last few episodes have felt really "fun" or something. The comedy timing has been really good.
  8. Watch it, watch it, watch it!!
  9. Whatever it is, I can't wait to see it.
  10. Horray! At least we sort of know how long we'll have to wait for 34.
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