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  1. I will be streaming from 17th 9am EST – May 18th 9am EST to raise money for the 3rd Annual 8-Bit Salute. I have joined team Roosterteeth and my goal is $100. If anybody would like to tune in to watch me fail at videogames and gradually wear myself down as the hours tick by feel free to tune in!. Donations would also be appreciated but are not required. My twitch account is at twitch.tv/meffer5 and my 8-Bit salute page is at http://www.operationsupplydrop.org/participant/meffer4. Any suggestions as to what games I should play would also be appreciated!
  2. So anyone here do any livestreams? If so where can we watch them? I have a twitch account myself twitch.tv/meffer5 (im the most inconsistent streamer on this planet).
  3. what would you call this behavior? and how close is this to your method to your looting? I forgot to mention that in Skyrim and Fallout I am a terrible hoarder. I buy a house early on and keep every single item I can find in the in-house storage. If its mildly unique I keep it in my house.
  4. In Bethesda's games Skyrim and Fallout 3 (New Vegas too but meh) I am the most thorough looter among my friends. I go through every single crate, barrel, chest, and body. I strip a body of all loot useful to me in the blink of an eye. Somehow my brain registers what loot I want and I can pull out loot without really thinking about it. I also subconsciously count my kills during each fight so I know how many corpses I have to loot after the fighting is over. I comb over almost every single inch of every surface when I enter a room and pick up items. I can leave a town assured that there is nothing left to loot.
  5. As I move through games such as Fallout and Skyrim, I notice certain behaviors that I myself exhibit. As I notice these in myself, I wonder if anyone else notices these behaviors as I do. Ill post some examples of behaviors I exhibit while gaming after this.
  6. It seems to be working now
  7. Episode 14 of Freeman's mind seems to not work on Blip.tv could someone else check to make sure its not just me having this issue? episodes 1-13 seem to be working fine and im checking the rest now.. ill post if any more problems arise through my marathon of Freeman-madness.
  8. well I guess I passed... Somehow I did get to use this site in my presentation after all.
  9. Well my inner demons have come to light in this project. I am screwed, I probably wont graduate high school this year and I can only blame myself. sorry for not keeping my word on using this site in my project. my social anxiety, procrastination, utter lack of motivation, and inability to ask for help have screwed me and left you all hanging. I apologize for not following through and in an hour I get to go to my board to explain why I failed to do any work whatsoever on a year long project. summer school here I come.
  10. was going to gift it to you then I realized you already had it as did everyone on my friends list except one guy.
  11. Hey I received several free copies of dota-2. I also have not one person to give them to so anyone who wants one can friend me on steam (meffer4). note: I received 4 copies and have 3 remaining and it is first come first served.
  12. yep it seems so. I voted mass effect 3 just cause I have a buddy who helped on the game a while back and Im a sucker fer developer's who put time into what they do. (not saying the other games dident have dedicated creators, just I personally saw how much time my buddy put into this and how much he cared about it) also it just came to mind and I haven't taken my pills yet...
  13. well until I can figure out what the eff is wrong with my setup Ill just start with the articles and other written components.
  14. also my mic just stopped working... god damn it
  15. well setbacks abound. I have bought 3 and fried 2 video capture cards and a hectic schedule is screwing with any chance for interviews.
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