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  1. That doesn't mean much. It could still be another 2 years before it's released
  2. I took it from the date/time at the top of the first post by Ross Scott in this thread
  3. That's just over 1 percent?
  4. Think someone can fix that...? I think someone edited some code they shouldn't have, Admins, I'd recommend installing a new version of phpBB in another folder, and making it reference the same database after installation, then renaming this current phpBB folder to something like oldforum63463 (so it can't be accessed), then renaming the new installation to forums. If it's not a coding error (causing too many SQL requests for example), then the forum simply needs a better server. But that said, the most users ever online on this forum is 45, and there are currently 13 online. There's just no way that is too much for the server to handle, which is why I'm leaning towards heavy coding edits being the cause of the problem. It's always a good idea to ask over at phpBB.com, support from them is prompt and free.
  5. I'm assuming that the CPU load on the serverbox that we're on is nearing 100% usage. phpBB automatically disables the board when this happens.
  6. I'd guess it was the bots... Just put a box that you have to answer a question each time you do a search, that fixes the bot problem. +1 (what the hell happened your rep?) In addition to that, make sure the answer of the question isn't in google's search results if you were to search the question on google
  7. Seriously! I bet Ross stopped reading replies to this thread after the third page
  8. I'm in the middle of writing a style for phpBB Maybe later. Also, it's 3:17 am here
  9. Who could design some small banners for advertisement?
  10. Two reasons this will fail. Computers within an organisation have the same external IP address If Machinima get wind of this, Ross may be sued for all the money he's made so far A better method would be to actually increase his fanbase, by spreading the word!
  11. There are 259 active members, roughly
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