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  1. "growing up, my favorite people were always those unafraid to speak their minds, people who made me laugh. people who were different."--Zac Garren (Dance Gavin Dance) "Whenever they say it can't be done, remind them that they make a jellybean that tastes exactly like popcorn." -John Mayer
  2. wherriot7

    Image War

    yo dawg, I herd you like planes, so I put an plane on your plane so you can fly while you fly
  3. this is the exact same as my car but with different rims and mine has a kompressor (turbo charger)
  4. i was just asking about a sandbox zombie game, of which there havent been any.
  5. people understood what i meant! haha i think you all have in mind what i was thinking, has there been anything more released about Dead Island other then the one video?
  6. I love the sandboxy-ness of the GTA series and i was thinking that it would work great as a zombie game. the civilians could be zombies and the people/missions could be with other survivors. i'd be surprised if this didn't already exist, if so that would be awesome. (pretty shitty post but i think i got the point across. haha)
  7. Ross should start posting the times he submits so we can start to get an average upload time.
  8. i've been using AVG free a little over 4 years and havent had any problems
  9. i updated avg this afternoon when i was prompted to and didn't have it install any of the annoying extras they try to sneak in. When i opened up firefox (my default browser) and typed what i wanted to search into the address bar (it works the same as a search bar for ff4) but now it defaults to search.avg.com instead of google.com. I can't find anywhere to change it back to google, any ideas?
  10. finished the single player and co-op, its an amazing game experience that had me both cursing and laughing throughout. worth it for any and every body.
  11. whose that clock tower behind you? bet she has some great hands, just the thought is giving me a big ben. (two horrible puns in one post, oh God)
  12. awesome post. +rep for you good sir!
  13. Shepard is not a Valve-created character so i doubt he will be included in their games.
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