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  1. 1. You mentioned that you'd really like dimensional magic as your inherent power. Have you ever heard of or watched Rick and Morty? That would REALLY be down your alley. 2. If or when virtual reality headsets become the next big thing, what do you think the next big step in interactivity will be? 3. Are there any personal or moral code that you follow that you absolutely will not break, or something you believe in wholeheartedly, aside from "games don't deserve to die"? 4. Are there any subjects that appear beneficial, but you personally think it would ruin mankind, like how augmentation in Deus Ex Human Revolution can help people, but for some reason everyone else thinks is the devil? 5. If you could be a were-anything (werewolf, for example), what kind of animal would complete your transformation? 6. Are there any games or media that legitimately made you feel actually emotional?
  2. 1) What would be your Freeman's favorite video game? 2) Do you have any physical ticks (habits) that you notice about yourself, like scratching your head when you're confused? 3) If you had experience in making video games, what sort of game would you create? 4) If you ever have the chance to participate in a battle from any time period, what type of soldier would you be? 5) Sword, mace, or axe (or any other melee weapon, like tonfa)? 6) What classification of magical powers would you most enjoy, like telekinesis or geomancy? 7) If you were the leader of a cult, what would its name be and how would it worship you or your designate? 8) If you had the time or interest, what sort of musical instrument would you most like to play?
  3. 1. How do you feel about the inclusion of Adam Jensen as a protagonist of the series? I've never played the original Deus Ex, so I don't know how to compare him to JC. 2. If you were transported into a different world, what storyboard genre would you like it be (sci fi, zombies, futuristic, etc), and what would your role be (guy who dies first, the hero, a lackey, etc)? 3. Favorite food? 4. Since you keep mentioning strange events in your videos, what's the strangest event you've ever been in? 5. Favorite Diablo class?
  4. Anyone an anime fan? Anyone heard of something called Bakemonogatari? This is for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pm_fk0mA9g
  5. Gigabyte made the motherboard and AMD made the CPU. Which one of them made the package deal? Also, how do you know manufacturers make the combo deals?
  6. Okay, no. The reason I bought this was because it was a package deal. It was $300 instead of $375. By saying it's a package deal, you insinuate that you guarantee that "THIS THING HERE IS COMPATIBLE WITH THIS THING HERE." Technically, I don't think compatible is the right word, but whatever. When they do that, you expect the retailer to be correct in that assumption. It is not the manufacturer's fault, simply because they weren't the ones selling it. Responsibility goes to whoever you make the deal with, because the person who makes the deal claims this does this. Saying that I should have bought Intel does not actually relate to anything, because I'd rather use the CPU I got in the package deal than waste money buying another one. If that were so, what was the point in getting the package deal?
  7. It could have been an honest mistake, but really, they should test these things before they send 'em out. This probably is one of the only times it happened... and I was going crazy.
  8. I wanted to replace my computer parts, because they were getting fairly old, going on seven, eight years. So, I went to Newegg and found that they had this nice little combo deal, copied directly from my invoice: Motherboard GIGABYTE|GA-880GM-USB3L AM3+ CPU AMD|4-CORE FX-4100 3.6G 8M and some other unnecessary stuff I don't need to post. When I got it, I set all of it up, read the manual, etc. and for some reason, it didn't post anything on my monitor. I tried to do everything, googled lots of stuff, and I thought it was either my PSU, CPU, or motherboard. Since I didn't have the parts to test everything out (my old motherboard had all incompatible parts), I went to my friend's house a week after I received the parts. After some testing, it revealed that everything worked except for the CPU, which I thought was DOA. So I talked to Newegg's customer support, and I then sent the package back for a replacement. Lo and behold, about a week and a half later, it still didn't work. Perplexed, I immediately went to the Newegg listing of these items, and a customer review told me exactly what I needed to know: I had to update my BIOS. I went to my friend's house a week later. It worked. Took me about 3/4 of a month of waiting and troubleshooting. I have one final thing to say to you Newegg: What the hell?
  9. TL;DR Ross made a promise that he broke, and now I feel he has wronged me some way. Let me make wonderful 'suggestions' on how he could give us what we want. TL;DR Entitlement.
  10. Would it be alright to assume that you guys are to Ross Scott as Bieber fans are to Justin Bieber?
  11. I believe I've said it before that he was speaking R'lyehian.
  12. Starcraft II? Um, the game doesn't require that you have it, but it helps EXTREMELY that you do. And base management, AKA Macro. You're going to need a LOT of it. If anyone needs help... I'm here.
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