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  1. Games are fairly priced. It's the map packs and DLC etc that are way too overpriced.
  2. I think Ross would approve of an "unstarred" swear word
  3. I was just kidding, lol of course piracy is still piracy no matter what.
  4. Technically All Your History is a documentary, am I right? Btw that show is one of my machinima series' favorites. Really gives good information and cool facts. Does Arby n' the Chief count? http://www.youtube.com/show?p=H4Z8Vj7XZOc&s=1
  5. So I guess it's okay to pirate games from bigtime companies, since it won't hurt their money flow? lol
  6. The revenue they receive is so large that they're compensated more than enough though (for the bigtime developers). They can at least show some generosity by giving away some free games, or free DLC or whatever. Or they can do what Valve did and release a bundle (Orange Box). That way more people can get their games without having to worry about paying to much.
  7. I'm afraid you will have to wait until next week. Unless Valve drops a bombshelll of an announcement that it'll be delayed again honestly Valve is a MASTER of advertising. These Portal videos are deeply entertaining. Makes a week of wait excruciating for me
  8. Pirating video games is like stealing from a game developer (well, IT IS) But when you BUY a pirated game, that's like having sex with a girl while her father's watching. You're enjoying the game while subtly insulting the guys who made that game. If you want them to continue on making great games, BUY THEM. But I think piracy nowadays is slowly dwindling down, with all of the games' measures to prevent such things. I predict that 5 years from now, almost all games will be digitally distributed, thus making software piracy a challenge.
  9. Thanks a lot for this, IT HELPED A LOT! Yes, most of the people like to keep it simple.
  10. Lucky guy, I guess. All he needs is a good voice and a way with words.
  11. Do not make me unleash my wrath upon you, mortal man. Citizens of AF, bow down to Lord Bjossi, thy great one!
  12. I agree, not very frequent videos but when he uploads some they are good. I keep wondering, does he actually buy those things he reviews, or is he just paid to do unboxing and reviews?
  13. Huskystarcraft, great sc2 commentator ChillaFrilla, gives great gadget reviews kipkay, if you're into engineering stuff, his videos gives hacks and how-to's
  14. Valve Blizzard id Infinity Ward Rockstar Gaming titans, genre starters, solid reputations, good relationship with the community.
  15. If I were Valve I'd hire the production team and finance a whole movie. That way It'll be an official film of the HL universe.
  16. If that's the case then WHAT A WASTE. It had so much potential.
  17. That one just blew my mind... I need part 2 but it's gone vapourware Is it really over? Did they stopped production already?
  18. Good freaking luck with that. Ross Scott himself can't keep up with our queen Alyxx here.
  19. And Axeldeath is a GOD, apparently.
  20. YOU SIR, ARE A LIFE SAVER. +1 bajillion rep to you.
  21. Kneel before me MORTAL. I prefer to do things teh HARD way I like it hard too. Wait... that came out wrong...
  22. I'm now on my 3rd reinstall of FF4. Everytime I tweak the toolbars to suit my preferences it just screws up big time, and the only way to fix it is to reinstall it completely. *sigh* Will get back on this after I fix it again
  23. Alyxx: Follow Bjossi's advice and STICK to FF3 until FF4 gets better. FF4 is really frustrating at this moment Axeldeath: You sir, are amazing, to still use IE. *bows down*
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