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  1. At school. Got some hours of and took my crappy old laptop with me. I am proud that it actually got past the 30 minute point before being completely empty and requiring more power.
  2. Not entirely on topic, I'd just like to point out that the Jimquisition is not a review series. They are really more video essay's. Actually reviewing the game(and liking it in this case) he does though other outlets. Anyway I'd like to address the notion that "protesting" or getting upset at a publishers decision does nothing. Some of you have even used the augment your pre-order campaign as example of it not working. But I think it is exactly the other way around. This tiered pre-order system did not become a thing because there was a massive backlash. Not being okay with certain business practices and voicing them does have an effect. Of course you might not realize because generally the goal of the backlash is for something not to happen. But other companies haven't tried this system and probably won't because of it's horrible reception. While I agree that boycotting games probably won't work(it isn't realistic and often it would just be a damn shame to miss a good game), I do think strongly disagreeing with these practices and voicing that is important and most certainly has an effect.
  3. But just because they happened to not matter for the game balance in this certain title doesn't mean they won't in others. I feel like waiting for games to go completely to the shitter and only then starting to complain is not a good idea. And while I do agree that gaming is a business and businesses are greedy and want to get every penny you've got (no matter what industry), that doesn't mean we have to be happy about it. After all it's perfectly possible to do business and be consumer friendly (we have enough examples of that). And I hate to parrot Jim Sterling again, but he did also make a follow-up addressing the point that the tacked on features did in fact have impact on the game: oVbj4GuuZTA
  4. I have to agree with Jim Sterling on this one 9sBtkU2eJ4Y
  5. Maybe something to check up on? I don't actually know, the spiders we have here do fuck all.
  6. Excluded. Just finished with my introduction week at university and while it was kind of fun, the thing I really learned from it is that I don't fully fit in with the student culture of partying and drinking. I know I will find my place and my people, so I am not afraid of being an outsider for the next couple of years. But it was kind of saddening being confronted with how even though I have become socially capable I still don't fit in with the majority.
  7. Finally having a full day off and trying to do all those little things I haven't had the time to do the last couple of weeks.
  8. Yeah. There is a "temporary" change to the traffic situation, so they decided to put up these signs reminding people to look out.
  9. I cut myself on a meat slicer at work today. I've been working there for two years and I've never cut myself on that thing. It's not that bad, I'm just wondering how it happened.
  10. The Prestige - A movie about the rivalry between two illusionists in 1900's London. Great performances by Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine. I wouldn't call it underrated as much as unseen(which is really weird considering it's a Christopher Nolan film). If you like those movies which make your head go boom at the end and prompt you to rewatch at least once more, then this is the movie for you. Also David Bowie plays Nikolai Tesla.
  11. Got an old laptop from an acquaintance(A Dell inspiron 6400) and installed Chromium OS on it. I was always curious and wanted to pay around with it for a bit. The only thing holding me back from getting a cheap chromebook for school is that it's just so damn useless without an internet connection.
  12. I'm a big Florence fan. Saw her in concert, that woman can sing! OT: n8X9_MgEdCg
  13. IvUU8joBb1Q Shit's still impressive.
  14. Definitely. While I find that visually Bioshock can still very much hold it's own today(in large part to it's art style), stuff like the audio crash bug(where you would have to have something plugged in to your audio port or else the game would crash) and the physics being locked at 30fps can very much lessen the experience. I've heard this quite a bit. I don't quite agree, though. While exploring Rapture in an open world setting would definitely be cool. The story of the original Bioshock really wouldn't not work well in a more open game. Besides, I feel like the open world sandbox craze of the last couple of years has done nothing but prove that in order to make and open world content and details have to be stretched really damn thin comparatively. I'd rather have a linear a good linear game with attention to detail oozing from every corner than any of the hundreds of empty open world games(not saying all are bad, Fallout seems to be one of the few that does it right, but it is still not comparable).
  15. I pass this sign on my way to work. It keeps reminding me of the eyes of TJ Eckleburg.
  16. While, in part, I agree that "hype culture" is getting out of control, Hello Games did lie. A redditor compiled a list of all the things that were advertised that didn't end up in the game:
  17. It's on my list of what games to play. A friend of mine is absolutely in love with it and recommended it. The original Skyrim base game didn't hold my interest for THAT long to be honest, because of it's repetitiveness. But this seems something I can pump some hours into.
  18. You should watch it. It's a good movie.
  19. So yes, the original Bioshock still is my all time favorite game. And a couple of days ago I found out a remaster was announced. We've even got a comparison trailer now: YasVqns7AVg Couple things of note: - Comes with all DLC, even challenge rooms for PC it seems (which I am excited about since it was a playstation exclusive at first) - Bioshock comes with a virtual museum of cut content (honestly not that excited since I am guessing the content will be the same stuff you can find in the art book which has been released for free many years ago) and a directors commentary (more interested in this) - Cannot find any information on how Bioshock 2 will be remastered, probably won't have anything changed. - Bioshock 2 comes without mutliplayer, which is fine. Multiplayer was kind of cool but really won't be missing it. - Bioshock infinite will not be remastered either, which is kind of a given. - Best of all to some, if you own the original games on steam you will get the remastered version for absolutely free!
  20. 7/10 I can only see the text bubble vaguely, is he saying something about s'mores? I do spot an AAAAAA-guy from Serious Sam. This has been my wallpaper for a while:
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