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  1. maybe that ghost thing is to freak people out :3... or maybe there's a scary encounter on the next episode!!!! we'll soon find out.
  2. He neglected FM for CP for a while.... ... Did you forget that? It takes only a few days to make FM episodes says Ross Scott on that interview by machinima, but it takes CP a few years (Source SDK is too damn hard)... Neglecting CP for a while isn't that bad, right? He's probably thinking of another episode for CP. So I disagree.
  3. I find the idea of his amnesia quite cool, but it's very sad because I liked it when he called headcrabs facehuggers. What would be funny would be if he nearly gets eaten by a barnacle then he goes, "OMG I REMEMBER NOW! We failed our science experiment which caused a resonance cascade or whatever which caused things like facehuggers to come poppin' outta nowhere then that's when I realised how selfish and stuff my colleagues were, then I walked around this hopeless dungeon for hours trying to find somewhere where there was an EMERGENCY EXIT or NO LOCKED EXIT DOORS WITHOUT BULLETPROOF GLASS, but unfortunately no. Afterwards I found some turret guns WHICH SHOT EVERY SINGLE LIVING THING THEY SAW. Then the rescue team came and started shooting everyone including themselves, so I had to kill them before they cause anymore trouble. *breathes in* THEN I found the surface and it was already sunset and everyone was still shooting me and BOMBING ME and so I had to go back down, then I crawled around in the vents until FINALLY I found some Genie with a shotgun telling me stuff I didn't need to know, and then I got to a train which actually worked that had radioactive green crap all over at the end of the trip..." etc. etc. That would take alot of minutes and time rephrasing his bad day. But that's not my job to do that XD.
  4. Heh. It's not bad. I like crossovers. And get like a "Freeman's Mind Mode" in it. That'd be sweet. Just ask Ross Scott to think one up. And let him make it. XD
  5. Really?! I'll be crying, but in happiness.
  6. I love it when he panics. He goes crazy. *Gasp* "THE SHOTGUN!" "Well, talk about government-" "AAH! HOW DID U GET IN HERE??!" "...Their idea of containment is to kill everyone associated with the project. Judging from your hazard suit you were probably part of what went WRONG." "What the hell's THAT supposed to mean?!" "Now, look if anyone knows what to do....*blah blah* There's a decommission railroad system somewhere through here. *blah blah* You might be able so worm your way through the tunnel (or something). " "WHY?!" "You can trust them. You can trust all of us." "I DONT TRUST YOU AT ALL!" "good luck" (some times layer) "I hear something!" "What? There's nothing here. You're CRAZY! You're just like everyone else here! "This is why the railroad system died off. It would always crash in the ponds of green....radioactive...crap..."
  7. My sister asked me what that meant and I took forever trying to answer, though it is pretty obvious. I forgot about the green apocalypse. I loved that one. He went crazy. OMG and that box smashing room. I love it when he says stuff about the bad designs and the way THE SCIENTISTS DONT COOPERATE! And "SURRENDER FREEMEN." My beard betrayed me! XDDD Freeman's mind is FULL of quotes, so like you can never stop laughing from it no matter how many time you play it.
  8. It's called the Meeting of the Minds. Search it on Youtube, its really good. And that's called telepathy. XD Yeah, I hope that Ross does Freeman's Mind to that part soon, or at the end for that matter. He should >.>
  9. "What are you trying to do to us? We can't get in trouble again, we already got a previous suspe-" "HOOWW!! *front kick*" That made me rofl
  10. I like the "Elevator Shaft" Design and what he says, "Why is there a ladder here? To fix the elevator!" "How do you get to the ladder? YOU TAKE THE ELEVATOR THAT DOESN'T WORK!" I also like those zombies at the end. "I'll stay here." "YOU DO THAT!"
  11. I keep dreaming of that <<3
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