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  1. He said he'd continue the series if people want it, and...clearly people want it.
  2. Once all the way through. I just rewatch different episodes of my choosing whenever.
  3. Eez okeh. :/ No, seriously, it's not that bad. Sounds interesting.
  4. That would be really funny, i'd like to see a FM-CP crossover, I don't mean to have Mike and Dave fight freeman but more like Freeman fooling them while on guard duty, but perhaps it would be deviating too much from the original storyline... Freeman's Mind is far from being finished, but it doesn't hurt to speculate the future does it?
  5. When did the sniper tear the rest of his ear off? He shot Gordon's suit and made like a pock mark on it.
  6. No he shouldn't. He shouldn't change at all. Not even mature. That's not the Freeman we know! I know what you're getting at, but if he were to change, it wouldn't be Freeman's Mind! Like I said before, Freeman would probably have joined CP if they weren't trying to kill him. In Half Life 2, joining the rebels is like just trying to survive for him, which is gonna cause him to complain and scream more about how he didn't do anything wrong. One thing I'm wondering is how he's going to treat Alyx. Be kinda've funny if she likes him, but he just acts like a douche to her. Then again, Alyx isn't bad looking, and Freeman obviously likes women...hmm...
  7. I think Freeman would be like Mike from Civil Protection, he'd probably want to join Civil Protection to save himself, but he can't because CP tries to kill him for his actions in HL, so he HAS to join with the rebels.
  8. I agree. As much as I love HL2, the silliness did grate on me a bit. That and how they turned npc models from the first game into actual characters in the second. "Hey Gordon, it's me, Dr. Kleiner! You remember me, I was all of those 50+ balding and bespectacled scientists you encountered on your last adventure!" It's a good thing in BMS they're going to make every scientist look different, and have Dr. Kleiner look like Dr. Kleiner, and everyone else. Though, it is pretty funny seeing these few characters who represented EVERY ONE ELSE in Half Life. Barney was all the guards, Kleiner was all the balding guys, Eli was all the black scientists...I sure wish there was an Einstein hair character. XD I don't see how Half Life 2 is sillier though. I mean, yeah it's a far stretch from the first game, but I wouldn't call it silly. Just more sci-fi-ish.
  9. I know this is kinda've nitpicky, but whatever happened with Freeman's ear? I mean I know he put first aid on it but...in Half Life 2 am I gonna have to put a giant band aid over his ear on the box art? XD Okay, in all seriousness though, I think either G-Man will heal him, or that slimy pool thing that heals any injury will, I don't know.
  10. Will Mike and Dave's adventures go into the Episodes? Will they possibly catch a glimpse of Freeman? Will they survive the coming war against the Combine? Will they join the Rebels? (unlikely) Share your thoughts.
  11. That would be great. I love the fact that the Mind series are connecting to each other, but I don't think Ross will do anything to connect with them. I mean, I know he's acknowledged them and 'approved' of their existance but, I think he's TOO famous to do it. I mean, Shephard's and Barney's Mind did a thing where they talked to each other through a locker (Gordon's to be exact) but they're doing that because they're both just two dudes on YouTube looking to entertain people. KrimsinYT (Shephard's Mind) was so popular though that he was asked by Youtube to become a partner, but he turned it down. But that's another story, point is, it would be cool if Ross decided to do that, but I don't think he will, and we'll have to chock it up to that he didn't hear Shephard's voice. What I think will happen with the whole 'run in without hesitation' thing will be that, he's hesitant at first, he finally decided to run it, but by the time he did, Shephard walked in. But that's just me, after all, we are on Ross's site, I'm sure he'll read some of this stuff and acknowledgewhat we're saying. Hopefully.
  12. I think he said it was possible. Some guy on Youtube said he'd do it...but I don't think that'd work. BMS is supposed to have more areas, so more dialogue makes sense.
  13. I know this has been asked a lot, but I wanted to know what fans have to say about the possibility of an FM sequel series. (or Season 2 in light of Machinima)
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