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  1. Have BF3 for my PC Gonna get MW3 for my X360.
  2. My Review Campaign: Overall, it was just "MEH". The campaign was obviously built for die-hard fans and not newcomers. People like me who bought the game as their first halo game often had no idea wtf was going on. It was the most part bland story wise except for a few emotional scenes. After playing reach, I purchased the other halo games (very cheap these days), and Reach's campaign doesn't flow nearly as well as halo 3. It has a nice soundtrack, but, again, not as good as Halo 3's. 6/10 Multiplayer: A very enjoyable experience, once you get used to it. Good variety of weapons to choose from, nice selection of vehicles on the larger maps. Many, many different gametypes ranging from free-for-all deathmatches to team-objective based games to big team battles. Playing multiplayer earns you credits which can be spend on new peices of armor for your character, although they only are there for vanity purposes. Your first days will be stressful, everyone already knows where all the good weapons are, and you can expect to take a few one shot kills. My favorite aspect of the multiplayer is the Assasinations, if you sneak up behind the target and hold the melee button, your character will enter a cool animation of usually stabbing the enemy player with his combat knife. Its highly satisfying but can be interrupted. 8.5/10 Other features: Forge: A way to build your own maps, you can go into existing maps or the large "Forge world" map and create new structues, item spawns, vehicles, anything you desire. The best community maps are occasionally put into the games map list. Its a fun feature but I haven't gotten too much into it. Theater: Here you can view replays of all your matches. The cool feature is these replays store the entire match, as in, you can pause at will and see what was happening on the other side of the map then your player character was on. You can also take screenshots and record small clips from these matches and post them to Bungie's website, which is a nice feature. Overall: 7.5/10 Meh campaign with enjoyable multiplayer, all in all, I'd say it was worth the 40$ I spent on it.
  3. Not really. I just don't like them because I'm obsessed with scientific accuracy If you wanted scientific accuracy i think you are watching the wrong series.
  4. As an (on and off) EVE player i throughly enjoyed them. Ps. Its Ian not Jan
  5. Is it bad that I actually like the cheesy plots?
  6. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned here. This is one of my favorite Machinimas after Ross' work. Yes, its humor isn't always "High-grade" and has a lot of cheap jokes. But there were some genuinely funny moments. And the later seasons actually had a somewhat interesting plot. The voice actors do a good job in giving the characters distinct personalities, however crazy or stupid their personalities are. Anyway, i'd like you guys' opinion on the series.
  7. So I have just finished Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, once again the ending left me begging for more. I wanted to see what others thought of this great game series. I, for one, am throughly impressed by the storytelling. The thing that blew my mind the most though, was the Alternate version of history first presented in the hidden puzzles of AC2. It got to the point where I would go hunting for the next puzzle just to see what it held. In addition, the soundtrack was one of the few that really caught my attention. The soundtrack gives the game a great feel, and it goes so well with the games.
  8. Mass Effect, especially number II "The attack" ( )"Suicide Mission" ( ) Those are my personal favorites.
  9. I'm a beta tester for this new F2P MMO called "World of Tanks." Its not as cheesy as the title implies, its actually a decent F2P PvP Vehicle shooter with some RPG elements. It comes together quite nicely. However there are a few balance issues, but its still fun to play.
  10. Mass Effect 3 First two were epic, can't wait to see how Bioware will end the series. Trailer:
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