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  1. Just so you can get my point of view: I am an American Citizen Disclaimer: When I speak of "organization" I do not mean the islamic people. I am speaking of Al Qaeda. Muslims are not the enemy and they never were. If anything they are more of a victim to Al Qaeda than America was. I'm very conflicted right now. I realize that Osama Bin Laden is a horrible person who has been the cause of thousands if not millions of deaths, but isn't he still human? Does anyone truly deserve death by the hand of another human? The world is a better place without him in it, that is not the conflict I am having within myself. The problem I am having is one that defines, I believe, whether I am human or not. Why is it that so many people cheer at the loss of a human life? Yes that human was by all standards evil, but doesn't it bring us down to his level if we find pleasure in his death. His organization found pleasure in the death of American citizens on 9/11/2001, isn't that what we found so evil and despicable about them? So the problem I present you is this: Does it make you more or less human if you don't feel pleasure from the death of a horrible person? So many other americans were cheering in the streets, is cheering and celebrating the correct(human) way to react? Is it even worse if I feel almost burdened by the fact that america has so much blood on it's hands, despite the fact that these humans are arguably "evil"?
  2. Valve is essentially messing with our heads. No one knows if valve is joking or not about the obvious reference (big surprise).
  3. My name is Andy, I live in pennsylvania, but I was born in DC. I am a nintendo fanboy, but the games I play the most (except zelda) are on the pc.
  4. Great game, but I must admit that I am a zelda fanboy. The first zelda game I played (and beat) was link's awakening DX.
  5. Eagles and Crows. Seems you like music with birds' names. I literally never noticed that until right now.
  6. Isn't that a long time to not play anything considering it's not coming out until next month? Yes. Yes it is.
  7. My philosophy as well, unless the scene gets too long.
  8. I would say half life 2 because of the gravity gun, but the ending of half life 2 is so anti climactic. At least half life had a climactic battle and an ending. Both had bad endings, but half life 2 was worse. I would still say that half life 2 is better though, mainly because of the many diverse stages.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I like good stories, but it takes away from the immersion when I have to sit through dialogue longer than a minute. There are exceptions, like ending cutscenes, but I personally like the valve style of story telling the best.
  10. I am currently addicted to Jonathan Coulton, I even went to a concert in January. But I like listening to Jack Johnson, The Eagles, and Counting Crows. I've never really liked anything too heavy.
  11. I'm not really playing anything as I wait anxiously for portal 2
  12. I know, I don't really do it anymore, but metroid prime 3 I kept skipping important people talking. So when they finished talking I realized I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I'm kind of a spaz during cutscenes or boring speaking parts.
  13. I've completed all of Super Mario World's 96 exits and I never used any walkthrough. Same here. The problem is my will is very weak. Now whenever I get stuck I don't try to figure it out, instead I run to a computer. I wish I had a stronger will. The only game I ever used a walkthrough for was Metroid Prime 3, and I have to admit to peeking at a walkthrough for the insane triforce fetch quest at the end of the wind waker.
  14. Out of all of the soundtracks I have heard, the legend of zelda has captured me more than any other. From the moment you turn on the game your ears are treated to some of the best music in videogames. This thread is specifically for discussing complex musical scores such as the legend of zelda. If you are a true lover of orchestrated music then this is the place to talk about it. Personally my favorite soundtrack in a game is The legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Every song is complex and engrosing. Every time you step on a new island or go out to see there is a different beautiful composition waiting for you. Take a listen to the dragon roost island theme Ocean theme or The molgera battle theme What are your favorite soundtracks/musical moments in gaming
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