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  1. Or to continue Freeman's Mind in the face of a worst case Machinima lawyer ninja attack, rename it to something slightly different, Freeman's Mi-ental Ponderings? Put all the already done videos as an episode one on extreme fast forward in like 5 min and just continue on normally from there.
  2. That's what I had in mind. I thought as much as well. Well as long as Machinima can't lay claim to the rights to Ross Scott's portrayal of Gordon Freeman, which, as ridiculous as it sounds is sadly possible in our world.
  3. Ideas... hmmm. Maybe play some games that have flagrant abuses of physics as Gordon Freeman. Singularity might be good, a bioshock title, ... others. Though as a physicist (in-training) I'm not sure how well I could point out all the many many abuses myself. In any case, I would put forth as a supposition that you're a lot more entertaining than some of the other 'lets play' commentators with millions upon millions of subs and would do well in any game. If you can make the endless corridors of HL entertaining to watch, I don't think there is a limit.
  4. Did a quick search on both items mentioned. Looking at $150-250 or so it seems. While I can't afford to out right buy one of those and send it your way, I can give another $50 in donation.
  5. Shitty situation. I don't have much as a full time student making barely over minimum, but let me donate what I can. Ever consider solo-ing it as a youtube/google partner thing? If you've reached 4mil then I think it might be feasible. Assuming (which could be completely invalid) .1 to 1% of views translates into dollars then that's 4-40k for the one video. But that also presumes the legal issues with Machinima settle with you in complete control of your own material. Then again I might just be talking out of my ass for all I know.
  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially more drunk than I've ever been before, let me just say your videos are awesome. I always find them amusing if not LOL material. TNT90 off. WOOOO!!! Edit #1: I'm sure I'll sober up eventually and apologize for any ...I can't remember what I was saying. WOOO!! Edit #2: I need to not get on the internet when in an altered state of mind, I get all happy and complimentary.
  7. I've always thought it'd go something like this: The gman gives gordon the offer but he tells him to fuck off, he's Gordon Freeman and he can take on anything! But then he realizes he no longer has his trusty problem solvers and there are a lot of angry looking aliens. So he start shouting up to the sky "Alright fine, I'll take your damn deal". Fades to black and fades back in and he back on the train. The Gman straightens his tie. To which Gordon quips "Yeah yeah, rub it in asshole" or something about being smug and grumbles all the way off the bus. That's my thought on it at least.
  8. I got a Logitech G5 mouse a couple years ago on newegg for about $50. Works great and definitely have gotten my money worth out of it. Hmm, not a whole lot else to say, suppose I'll go donate $10 for a new mouse.
  9. Dude did you read the first post? I believe they said that the main reason it is annoying is that people keep making more threads that need to be converged. I don't imagine that takes for than a few clicks to do but on the 10 millionth time doing it, it gets pretty damn annoying, particularly when there is nothing really of value inside. Don't get me wrong, I have a special place in hell reserved right next to my apartment overlooking the lava pit for machinima. But 10 pages of complaint is a bit much.
  10. Personally, I don't want anything. I gave $20 (woulda given more if I could) for all the great videos that have already been done and need nothing else. Just my 2 cents. -TNT90
  11. I was thinking perhaps, that he would refuse the g-man, be ported to the battle without any of his trusty problem solvers and have a moment of "O fuck!" and concede that he'll take the deal. Ends up back on the train and the g-man is standing there and adjusts his tie or something and maybe freeman comments "Oh you smug sonuvabitch, you'll get yours." I dunno, I could see something like that going down.
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