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  1. Oh crap did I blow that? You can remove my post if you want. It's just that it seemed no one knew about it, and I really wanted to share with all the fans.
  2. I noticed, that did bother me. But I think it was simply because they were all very eager, and I don't know if you're aware it's super easy to lose track in conversations. Still you could hear their respect for Ross, especially when the guy who made SM (Robin?) asked Ross to maybe add a line he made into FM. You could hear it in his voice that he felt super embarrassed and somewhat strange asking him. But hey, these people all have huge egos and personalities, they need to in order to even make their shows! So of course things like that will happen.
  3. I haven't seen this posted here yet (granted I did search very hard), and thought you guys may be interested. http://ia600604.us.archive.org/24/items/MeetingOfTheMinds2/MeetingOfTheMinds2-RossScottEdition.mp3 Several different mind makers (Shephard's mind, Barney's Mind, Chell's Mind, and a few others) meet with Ross Scott for an interview that is a good time sink. It's very interesting to hear their discussions, and while true they go off on tangents at the drop of a hat they're still a blast to listen to.
  4. Maybe a crossover with another mind series? I know he talked abut it in his "Meeting of the Minds" interview.
  5. I think Machinima hates competing, you're not allowed to take away any views from their own YouTube channel.
  7. ----------------------------- I play hide and go seek for keeps. Why does everyone have to keep dieing on me?...Is it really so hard to just NOT DIE...I mean look at me!...I was in the chamber of fricken ground zero and I'm still here! But you guys slip on a banana peel and that's it! Hey is that a crowbar? Oh my god this is friggen perfect! Now I can beat the snot out of people! Oh boy I cant wait to get back to the lobby. They'l be like Freeman we thought you were dead! And I'd be like "You thought wrong POW!" Why do you put a ladder in an elevator shaft?...To fix the elevator! How do you get to the ladder?...YOU TAKE THE BROKEN ELEVATOR THAT DOESN'T WORK! You know, everyone’s always told me that I’m paranoid and I need to calm down, but guess what? I’m alive, and everyone who said that is dead. That’s the ultimate proof that someone doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about. “Follow my advice and you’ll die just like me! Huh-heh!” Maybe I should've taken the tram. I don't know. Then I could've just loaded it up with dead bodies and sent it forward. That would probably creep out everybody down the line. It would creep me out. If I was working in the lab and this cart of dead scientists just rolled in. It's a real conversation stopper. Yeah these goons write "YORE DEAD FREEMAN" on a wall and I send them a cart full of dead bodies. Who wins then? Psychological warfare worked for Vlad The Impaler. It can work for me too. [approaching a blast door] Hey, a keypad! ...I don't know the code. I'll try some random numbers. [beeping] No? Okay, 1-3-3-7. [beeping] No... 1-2-3-4. [door opens] Ah-ha-ha! You know, as much as I'd like to claim this was the result of me being a genius, it's more that someone else was not. ----------------------------- Ross is a master writer.
  8. Yeah sorry about the mountain post, but I wanted to make up for what I lost in a different way so I added a few of the other Mind shows that I've seen.
  9. As a huge Mind man, I hope he does mention at least Shephard's Mind somehow, when he is running toward the portal to Xen you hear his voice or something.
  10. (I'm sorry this is a small post, I just got done making a HUGE IN DETAIL post, when Firefox shut down on me, deleteing what I had written. I'll be making a smaller one instead. QQ) Freeman's mind is clearly the best, however not because of it being the first, but the quality is just better of the rest, allow me to explain. (Main Three) --------------------------------- Freeman is what we never expected, he is a egotistical smartass with paranoiac and sociopathic tendencies. Freeman openly admits how he hated his job before, and now still does while also commenting on the stupidity of the whole world around him. Its the mix of all of these eccentric personality traits that make him a truly original and memorable character and sets him a part from the rest. Barney from Barney's Mind is sadly however just a complete homage to Freeman. He shares several traits and just copies many things from its brother series to be called an original creation. Its only near the end where he becomes his own voice and actually becomes notable. It isn't a bad series, but I can't laugh at all the jokes I've already heard before come out of Freeman's mouth. Shephard however from Shephard's Mind is a truly original character. Clearly the second place winner here. Shephard is his own voice, and never feels like a rehash of Freeman. Shephard is less egotistical, less eccentric, and also more professional then Freeman and Barney. He is also more original because he is a marine which gives him such traits as honor, devotion, and loyalty. However he is also susceptible to being paranoid and sarcastic like Freeman and Barney. Also it should be noted that he has an original character trait of being somewhat cowardly compared to the first two on top of all of this. He makes friends with everyone he can, and even talks to his pet alien things to help pass the time. While he like the others pokes fun at Black Mesa, he does so in his own unique way. All of these traits make Shephard a clear standout from the rest. --------------------------------- (Extra Mind's) Chell from Chell's Mind is a standout in her own way. She does not like cursing much, tries to stay calm, and tries very little to make sense of the situation after the first episode or two. She is clearly insane, but is not aware of her own lunacy and continues on as normal. She treats her portal gun as a person and regularly attempts to have discussions with it. She freaks out at a radio for playing a song she deems as "trying to use psychological torture on me!" and then destroys it. She is clearly a schizophrenic individual with little disregard for anything. While I wouldn't go as far as saying she is a funny individual, I do have fun watching her in her test chambers like a lab rat working her way around. Felix from Felix's Mind is original in the sense he is unlike the first four. Its just a guy having a really shitty day while being confused as Freeman. He is definitely eccentric, but also much more sane I would say then the rest. He seems like he is on par with Shephard in terms of sanity, but on par with Barney in terms of ready for combat. He is overall kinda enjoyable, and worth trying out. Parker from Parker's Mind is also just like Felix, however a completely different game then the Half-Life series entirely. However it should be noted he is an underachiever who rises to be a bit of a badass, so its one character trait he has over everyone else. Enjoyable, and worth trying out. Those are all the ones I've watched more then a few episodes of, so those are the only ones I feel qualified to give my opinion on. It should be noted that all of the ones I have mentioned are good online friends, all of them have talked over Skype and talk with their fans together, some of them even did videos together. All of them are nice people who from my impression talk often online. http://roosterteeth.com/groups/profile.php?id=8111 (Its a great group I'm a part of on Rooster Teeth's website. It has put together Skype chats in the past with the creators and answered questions if I recall.) So yeah, thats my thoughts on them all, I'm a huge machinima fan overall and the "Mind" fad is one I've followed closely.
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