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  1. So I bought it. Just beat the story mode tonight. Fantastic. Just awesome. Great fighting system without being too complex, plenty of variety in the fighters and loads of secrets and play modes. You owe it to yourself to get this game if you have an Xbox or a PS3 and someone to play with.
  2. I've rewatched quite a few of the videos, and now that I know what to expect, the violence doesn't bother me as much. Still gnarly. I'm gonna pick it up, I think. Also, I've got an Xbox, so no demo for me. Also also, I have to wonder if the developers ramped up the carnage for the new generation, or if they've always been this sick and it was the technology that held them back.
  3. The new game was just released. I've been a Mortal Kombat fan for a long time. The gameplay has never been as deep as the other big fighting games; it was easier to pick up, but it sometimes felt limiting. The story wasn't much to write home about either. But the fighters themselves have always been, to me, more interesting than any of the other fighting games. Reviews for MK9 have been good so far and I'm glad to see that the series seems to be getting back on track and improving itself. But... I've got a high tolerance for violence. Left 4 Dead didn't faze me; Left 4 Dead 2 just made me want more. Fallout? That's nothing. Gears of War? Didn't even twitch. Likewise with movies; Hellraiser and Evil Dead are some of my favorites. But this new Mortal Kombat game has, in some videos, made me feel physically ill. And I dunno if I'm gonna buy it because of that.
  4. Wait, SkyNet became self-aware on August 29, 1997... ... Oh, right. There was a TV show.
  5. I'm gonna link to one of my drawings rather than post it, cause it's big. This isn't the best thing I've done, but the best thing I've done isn't finished yet. http://charismaticmegafauna.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3394nw I also write, and I think I'm better that.
  6. Speaking of named subgenres that people will get picky about, thrash metal, not trash metal.
  7. That's how it began, but it's very much it's own thing now. Heck, I'd say metal is at least as big as rock (and has a lot more named subgenres that people will get picky about)
  8. I'll send my vote to rock since metal isn't up there and it's an offshoot. Big metalhead over here. Thrash is my favorite for the sheer power, but there's plenty of death metal I like (Testament nowadays is a mix of the two and they're one of my favorites). I may shock and offend when I say I don't like Slayer, but there ya go. There's plenty of other genres I like though--my favorite nonmetal band is easily Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. I couldn't pin down their genre if I tried, though.
  9. I'm not quite sold on this one. The more I hear about it, the more it seems like a slower version of Left 4 Dead...and what I find most fun about that series is the frantic pace. First-person melee combat, though, that's cool.
  10. Really, I've been looking forward to it for so long that no critic can sway me from seeing it. When it comes to these kinds of movies I usually ignore reviews, anyway.
  11. Words can't express how excited I am to see this movie. Okay, maybe they can. While it certainly looks like the best thing in the world, I've only enjoyed one Zak Snyder movie previous to this (Watchmen. Haven't seen Legend of the Guardians, don't plan to) and hated the others. But a real crazy, stylish movie like this appears to be only comes once every few years--The Spirit and Scott Pilgrim come to mind (I liked both but no, they're not great). Who else is excited? Oh, and please, MARK ANY SPOILERS.
  12. It's a dead man's party...who could ask for more? Everybody's coming, leave your body at the door.
  13. "Can I have your gun? One gun is fun, but two is Woo-tastic." I really need to rewatch the series.
  14. Call me Snake. Or Seamus. I like to write. And draw, though I'm not as good at that. And I like videogames. Also I don't like doing introduction posts.
  15. This episode was so nutty it convinced me to join the forums (something I would've done sooner or later, but whatever). Awesome stuff all around; first time machinima has ever unnerved me, and I've seen quite a few attempts. My theory is that the creeplings at the end ate the dead guy Mike and Dave found earlier; I also like the theory that it's the English guy and something is wearing his skin. I think Mike and Dave's body armor will buy them some time...whether it's enough or not, we'll see... I definitely thought I heard some actual words in the gibberish at the end. I didn't recognize anything other than "Cthulhu," but some of it sounded like some kind of language. Let us not discount the possibility that it may be the work of Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, or Yog-Sothoth. Heck, the Combine are pretty Lovecraftian on their own.
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