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  1. Journey on PS3. Didn't know what to expect. During the the 2 - 3 hours of gameplay it completely shattered my all time top game list, I have no idea which belongs where now. I have checked the internet, so I know I'll repeat what a gazillion of people said already, but still... every gamer owes to himself/herself to play this game. In my opinion, it takes the gaming industry on a whole new level. On a level this medium can be taken seriously by the rest of the world.
  2. I'm the same type of person. Loot, loot, loot. Even when in the end of the game, having near infinite ammount of currency and epic weapons, armour, magic (you name it), I still pick up everything (and yes, a house with a chest is a MUST). I think it's a kind of OCD behaviour. Also, when in dungeons, I have to explore all the side-roads before going the "main-quest" way. And it pains me, when I don't know which way leads where and I have to return back all the time. Also, by the order of the Ordo Xenos and the holy will of the God Emperor, I submit you to death, filthy xenos Tau scum! *BLAM* *BLAM* (Sorry about that, my triger finger gets twitchy)
  3. And what's the proper definion of a zombie?
  4. Bully: Scholarship Edition. It's... I have no idea how to describe it. Entertaining as hell though...
  5. Aww yea... Red Alert was my first strategy ever... I lost so many years in that conflict.
  6. Ross and Doug are probably my most favourite internet celebrities... so this is great news. Can't wait to see you there!
  7. Empire: Total War - I've been Redcoating over America, murdering natives and Spanish.
  8. Every game could be a lot better. There isn't a single game I wouldn't think "This could be done better... and this could be improved..." while playing it. And I'm not talking about the graphics or engine. To stay on topic, I bought Solar 2 on Steam.
  9. Fallout 2 is THE GAME for me. But I never expected Fallout 3 to be nowhere near it. I mean... Fallout 2 (and Fallout 1, but I prefer the second game) is almost a genre of it's own, and I think it is impossible to recreate in the 3D first person shooter type of game. Even using the same mechanics but slapping 3D advanced graphics would hurt it. Fallout 3 and especially Fallout:NV gave me exactly what I wanted. A FPS RPG in Fallout lore game, and that is really good in itself. But you can't recreate the feel the original Fallout games gave you. You can't expect that.
  10. One word: Overrated. You know that there are people who really do enjoy the game, right?
  11. I would like to see a movie based on The Binding of Isaac. In IMAX. 3D.
  12. That's a mighty fine game. But I still gotta finish it
  13. I'm a fresh owner of a PS3 and I have a few games on it, which I play from time to time... But I'm a PC user since I was three. PC all the way.
  14. Digital - preferably on Steam. I Never had a problem with it, and it's bloody comfortable. Sometimes it drains my money account at an unpleasant pace, especially when Steam Sale comes to town, but that is to be expected.
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