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  1. "I might very well be wrong, but I will believe I'm right anyway for the sole purpose of not being wrong, because I don't like being wrong." Delicious.
  2. This is crazy unfortunate! Hopefully it's not a major issue this time around. Take it easy Ross, don't forget to take care of yourself and your relationship! That's what's most important anyway.
  3. I was recently sick so I remember how much it sucks being able to do what you're used to. Get better and don't worry about us!
  4. Hey man, you are probably the hardest working person I know so you definitely deserve a break! I hope your wife has tied you to a place where you can't work so you actually get some rest. Hoping for your swift recovery!
  5. So I can't find the link to where I should ask questions, I've never been to reddit before and I went there looking but didn't find it.
  6. Ross what is your opinion on the current state of the gaming industry? You've talked about some companies firing people after projects are finished and how employees are given no paid overtime. Do you think this affects the games that are being made? I would really like an entire video on this because I would really not like to support an industry that only cares for investors instead of both gamers and employees, but I realise you might have too much to do so if you could answer this that'd be great!
  7. Looking forward to this, I always watch the entire video. Anyone knows when it will be up?
  8. Hey I was just thinking about this and suddenly this video showed up. I have a question for the next one, do you remember the first time you played half life and how was that?
  9. Hey Ross I might have a sensitive question which I'm totally cool with you not answering. What I'm wondering is ever since you made the video asking for donations you've been frequently getting around $2000 every month. How has this affected your life? I understand that it's still not that much money but compared to what you've been getting before you started getting regular donations in October last year I'd imagine that it's quite different. Do you still eat as cheap as possible as you did before? Are you as worried financially? Are you still saving as much as possible like you did before? In short I'd just like to know how your life has changed (as much as you're comfortable to tell) since you started receiving money monthly.
  10. To be honest, this is sort of common practice and you know what you're getting into if you've ever played an mmo. The reason I myself feel that the practice of shutting them off vastly differs from changing them like you're explaining is that first of all, you can still play them, and second, it's the developers will to alter his/hers game to the new version. This practice encourages creativity while shutting games down discourage creativity and makes it risky for the potential player to purchase the game, the game and all work put into it is completely gone instead of altered. I agree that alterations aren't necessarily good and many games I wish just stayed as they were instead of changing so much, one example being team fortress 2. I don't even mean the free to play stuff, who cares about that. I mean the ridiculous amounts of weapons that have completely throw the game off balance. But they way I see it they made an attempt to improve it and while I don't like it, the changes they made did increase the games lifespan. So while I'm annoyed with some stuff in the game I encounter sometimes I'm really happy that I can still go onto a server off peak hours and actually play it, unlike Day of defeat source and lately even DoD.
  11. Hey Ross I have a suggestion for you whilst doing these. When you get to the questions from the chat you should have someone reading the chat, taking questions and sending them to you in some sort of a chat system so you don't have the problem finding your place in the questions and so you don't get almost as much silent time as talking time when you look for questions. Also, reading the questions you skip is in my opinion better than just silently staring at the screen.
  12. My guess would be that it's about the questionable business model EA has got going on regarding online only games and what happens when they no longer want to keep that game online.
  13. Good episode, my only grief is that you're talking about the music and explaining how weird it is but you're never just playing the music for us to hear.
  14. This guy though, "I'll still continue valve news network, but I might have a negative twist to it". I bet he was one of the people who thought objective journalism in video gaming was really important a year ago. Also he sure like to take about himself.
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