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  1. I always thought Sheldon Cooper would make a great G-Man. I hope the last episode has Sheldon walking into the sunset wearing a blue suit and carrying a black suitcase.
  2. What about the big projects? Sit down, get out a pen and paper, and set goals for yourself. Then follow through! Regret isn't going to turn back the clock. Do what you love!
  3. Ross! Thank you so much! My eyes are moist with happiness! Awesomeness! Someone just posted on youtube for this video "I swear to God, if this is an April fools joke I will murder you all. This is all I have left so don't fuck with me!" You have made so many people happy, we are your biggest fans! Time to donate!
  4. This is one of the few games, besides half-life, that I ever played through to the end.
  5. Interesting read. Thanks for putting this together
  6. Thank you, Ross! I've been with you since the first episode, and have never been disappointed. Well, that's not true. I initially hated the pirate episode and thought you had lost your mind. Of course, now it's one of my favorites. You are an awesome talent.
  7. EPYX- Temple of Apshai, Sword of Fargoal....tape drives, basic programming, errors in code...I'm getting misty. Infocom- Suspended, Zork 1-3, Infidel, Getting eaten by a GRUE! No Graphics? Yes! I'd love to watch Ross playthrough an all text adventure! ( I'd like my wife to stop nagging me long enough so I could play, but short of moving out, it will never happen).
  8. I liked the part when he turned around to JFK and said, "You can't say Dallas doesn't love you, Mr. President"
  9. My favorite line from episode 19 is , "You don't bury the Pharaoh alive, that's what the help is for!" Favorite scene (one of many) is when he shot Barney, accusing him of not warning him of the soldiers ahead. Ross, you are awesome. Thank you for all the laughs.
  10. Fantastic Episode Ross! You made my day.
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