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  1. 8/10, normally a 9 but i've grown a bit tired of hearing it on the radio too often. Lr9B6ydlHJI
  2. 69W2XM3fs-c Horrible song, but it just popped into my mind.
  3. Is very informed and always knows what he's talking about.
  4. uvSs5b6y-YM Yes, i'm a massive DX fanboy.
  5. Thanks to Alyxx posting Falco i remembered this exists, so... 62QTrntbrKs
  6. hxNXecDrhMI instant goosebumps for me, every time.
  7. Day of Defeat: Source At some point i hit a weird breaking point in terms of skill, where i would dominate most public servers but took a nosedive when attempting competitive play. Just goes to show that individual skill is not really important in a team environment. It was so frustrating i quit the game and haven't touched it in years.
  8. Signature made me discover an arc of literature i've never heard of.
  9. The toxicity of their communities is world wide, even Riot has gone to a very long length to stop how bad the LOL community is and is still not even close to fixing it. I agree all MOBA communities across the world are horrible, but the dota 2 SEA servers are the worst by orders of magnitude, i can only imagine it's the same for League of Legends. OT: R6 Siege. It's probably a good game actually, i'm just salty and bitter because i still want a legit R6 (By which i basically mean a new Raven Shield)
  10. Gehennas

    Q & A Thread

    No. What's your mobile phone brand of choice and why?
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