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  1. Any news Ross? Hope you are well and the situation is resolving itself. I hope that infestation isn't Orks.
  2. Get well soon man. And happy new year. You should just get some rest instead of working. You'll get better much sooner.
  3. Ross, have you ever played a game called Majesty? It's a game similar to Hinterland, that I think you'd like.
  4. 1. Have you played the original Thief games (Thief: Dark Project and Thief: The Metal Age) and what do you think of them? 2. Would you be willing to do a Game Dungeon on these Thief games?
  5. Ross, when are you gonna play/do a game dungeon on Thief 1 and 2? Every time I see a Game Dungeon and hear your criticisms or your tastes I have to think "this guy would love Thief".
  6. Hey Ross, have you played the original Thief games (Dark Project and Metal Age)? If you haven't, I have a feeling you are going to love them, based on what you are saying about Deus Ex. I'd like to see a video on your thoughts about them if you feel like it.
  7. Hey Ross, you should consider featuring the new channels in the Accursed Farms channel.
  8. Hey Ross, you might want to list your new channels in the Accursed Farms channel as well. It will make it easier for people to find them.
  9. How about we write 10 letters in one day (or much easier print them, 10 pages is not that much considering an average black & white printer cartridge can go between 200-500 pages), seal them in envelopes and write the addresses. Then every day after that, we just walk down the street and mail it. You can do all the work on a lazy Saturday and then mail one letter per day Monday-Friday. That covers for about 2 working weeks of spam, at which point if we'd like we can repeat the process.
  10. Hey Ross, I welcome the news on new Freeman's mind, but you shouldn't burn out yourself again. I mean, if anything, it's us who owe you. You gave us a lot of laughter, and I'm not kidding when I say that some of your videos (and not talking about FM only) kept me going on days I probably would have just given up. You had our backs long before we had yours man. Whatever you choose to create, I'm sure it'll be as awesome as anything else you've made so far. And thanks for the sum up Jeb.
  11. I am of the same opinion on 3D. Animated movies are better, mainly because they are already animated, they are brighter and easier to watch and you don't get the cardboard effect. However, IMAX 3D works quite well on most movies. I saw 2 movies in IMAX 3D (Ant-man and Suckerpunch) and both times they were stunning experiences. The cardboard effect was simply not there. It really felt like things were extending out of the screen and had depth. My only issue is that I need glasses so I have to wear both glasses and 3D glasses, which makes the whole thing a bit awkward and tiring after a while. Unless you have a really serious eyesight problem, the Oculus rift doesn't require glasses normally and it feels like you are actually there.
  12. Hey Ross, good video. If this is how your other rant videos are gonna be, then I'm looking forward to more Here's some topics I'd be interested in hearing your opinion (if you feel they are rant-worthy of course): - Motion blur, depth of field and other graphical improvements that are of questionable quality as of now - More about bad business practices in the gaming industry (Most other people talking about these things are only doing a half-assed job I feel, mostly because they are also reviewers/critics and they still depend on those companies to send them review copies, and they aren't so interested in talking about the past transgressions of these companies) - General talk about Youtube networks - Crowdfunding platforms (and examples of good and bad usage so far) - The whole paid Skyrim mods thing that happened a while ago - Social networks - Piracy and the repercussions of the war waged against it - Should the internet have laws, how and who should implement them, how should they be enforced? - Uwe Boll
  13. Hey Ross, I heard your comment about No Man's Sky. I feel like you should give Elite Dangerous a try. You might like it. They are planning to add planetary landings in a few months as well. It's kind of grindy as it is right now, but I feel it really gets the atmosphere of being in space.
  14. Take your time Ross, remember to relax Great news. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
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