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  1. i think you mean "is that a sub machine-gun? it is! now i can solve up to 800 problems a minute" It's actually "Is that an MP5? It is! Now i can solve up to 800 problems a minute"
  2. I lost so many scientists before I realized I could turn it off. Much like the Black Mesa HR department. Sounds like they've been playing too much Dwarf Fortress.
  3. Not one of the better ones, but still had a chuckle or two. Residue Processing just doesn't translate to comedy as well as the other chapters.
  4. I didn't catch it because I've always heard "Butte" pronounced "Beaut"
  5. [quote="blightmare"] alright. but he has very often resorted to the shotgun for enemies that the hand gun seems improbable on so, I think in the long run he'd just keep up his normal trend. Don't get me wrong. not trying to find a reason why he shouldn't use it, just going off of what we've seen of his trends throughout the series.[/quote] Thing is, in the game, when you run into the first Alien Grunt, all you have is the pistol and revolver. I have a strong feeling it'll come into play then at least, and maybe many more times later after Gordon sees how effective it is.
  6. To graduate with a bachelors degree in the US, you have to pass at least 2 "foreign language" classes. Not enough to be considered fluent, but enough to get by. As to how he seems know so many, maybe he had a few holes in his class schedule and whatever scholarship he went to school on required a full-time schedule, so he picked a few extra language courses, because golf class sounds boring.
  7. Well, just because he's at Black Mesa, doesn't mean he's anywhere near the lab.
  8. Ooh, these next few episodes are gonna be fun.
  9. Ah, tick-tick-tock...is that the sound of a Geiger counter or my lifespan counting down? It's both! That's right, here at Black Mesa when we talk about Half Life, we mean it in more ways than one. So make your peace and come to Black Mesa! Here you'll win a chance to fight freaks of nature; escape countless safety hazards; wander aimlessly for hours; and die scared, tired and alone!
  10. "I hate computers! Why do they always blow up when I use them?" Followed by limboing the Lasers and "Etch-a-Sketch from Hell."
  11. They're operating on Valve Time.
  12. Because Ross can't control when the Youtube version goes up. We've been complaining about that for the past 8 days.
  13. I'm really surprised he didn't catch it, especially since "I'm boxed in!" is way worse than "what's up with that ceiling?" The difference: "boxed in" was intentional.
  14. Urge... to kill... fading.... fading.... RISING... fading...
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