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  1. Yeah, I really like Shepard's Mind too, I know it’s not likely to happen but I thought it would be really cool if Ross and KrimsinYT did a crossover where both Freeman and Shepard were stuck in Limbo(?) and they were just chatting about both their experiences with Black Mesa (not knowing who the other one is). Also I agree with you last post, even thou it’s an April Fool’s day joke this would make a great series with one game per episode, maybe after Freemans Mind and he is stuck in Limbo(?) G-Man sends Freeman on missions thru the Multiverse (different FPS games) Quantum Leap style.
  2. "Hey GET BACK HERE YOU BIG ORANGE FUCK!" Yea Ross you gotta get KrimsinYT to send you that voice bit. Gordon Freeman: 4:15 “This is bullshit, we need to nuke this whole place as soon as I’m out!” Adrian Shephard: Shephard's Mind Episode 23 11:44 “So… there it is… an actual… nuclear warhead…” But yeah hearing Shephard as Freeman jumps into the teleport would be really cool.
  3. The episode 10 download works fine now, I also did some adding up and watching all the episodes back to back (including episode 0 and 10.5 but not including yet episode 48) will take 6 hours 6 minutes and 24 seconds, and all the video files are 4.33 GB put together. That is awesome!
  4. Indeed, I do like to after a while to watch all the episodes back to back, on a side note I was downloading all the episodes and there was no file to download on episode 10.
  5. Congratulations Ross on not only getting away from the whole Machinima mess but also finding a new home for Freemans Mind, Civil Protection and any other videos you've made or are going to make, I've been watching some of the shows on TGWTG for 4 or so years and they are pretty good people there.
  6. Ross's Gordon Freeman reminds me of the Nostalgia Critic, both Egotistical, both eccentric and both know a great deal when it comes to their jobs (like when Freeman talks about his job it sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, the same with the Nostalgia Critic as a movie reviewer), not to mention they both look very similar.
  7. Wow, great going Black Mesa in polluting New Mexico with a river of toxic waste, I'm so proud of you!
  8. I first found Freemans Mind when I visited http://www.youtube.com/user/IDLITstudios and was browsing through their favourites, the icon intrigued me so I watch episode 5 and was immediately hooked, awhile later I found Ross's website and started to enjoy his other works.
  9. I like how Ross took what is basically a break in the fourth wall and turned it into yet another one of Black Mesa's poor decisions and miss spending. I also could see how the hologram came about, they wanted an awesome training course with all the bells and whistles and instead of seeing what they actually needed they went out and spent a ton of money on the advance hologram, and because of this they had little to no money left for the actual course, so instead of have training in handling hazardous material and usage of advance scientific equipment, they had to go the cheaper route and have training in ladder usage and jumping from great heights. It’s a common occurrence in Black Mesa, them spending billions of pounds in unnecessary equipment (like the box smashing room, the giant nut-cracker and the sentry turrets) and then use the change left on what they should have spent the money on (like sturdier cat-walks, proper disposal units for their toxic waste and more emergency exits).
  10. The guys at Rooster Teeth got Monty Oum to animate some awesome fight sequences and visual jokes in the last series of Red vs. Blue and it didn't take away from the humour or story and allowed them to do more than they could with conventional machination. But yeah, this is pure awesome, felt less like a FPS and more like you’re really looking through the eyes of Freeman, I’d love to see this kind of thing in FM, but I think if this happened then it would take a lot more time to make FM than normal.
  11. But yeah, I'd love to see a Freemans Mind 2 and I'm looking forward to seeing what Ross Scott does with it.
  12. Very True, I had this thought that at the end of Half-Life when he finally meets G-Man that while he's talking Freeman is tuning him out like he usually does, but then G-Man just says "Look Mr Freeman, would you mind being quiet for a minute, it's very rude to talk over other people." But I can see the complications of it (like getting the right voice actors, editing the existing voices and so on), just throwing ideas to the wall to see what sticks.
  13. Hi there, I'm Link 8909 and this is my first post on the forum, I started watching Freemans Mind around the time episode 5 came out and have been a fan of the show since. Now that’s out the way I'd love to see Freemans Mind continue on through Half-Life 2 and the Half-Life 2 episodes, maybe Ross Scott could get other voice actors to play the different characters (like Alyx, Barney, Eli or even G-Man) Freeman comes across in the game so that Freeman could have full on conversations with the characters.
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