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  1. I can say that PS 1 has a special place in my memory. I hope there will be a bit more people everyday now, but not to play and be generally sad about it shutting down, but to get the message about PSForever.
  2. It will be at 8 AM, Saturday 21th, for European countries in the same timezone as Poland (everyone from Spain to... well, Poland). Saving you a few clicks since... 20 seconds ago.
  3. Nice episode! Ross`s voiceover for Construction Bob in Escapes from Hell part, in the beginning of the "show", sort of reminded me of Goofy. Anyone else?
  4. Dang, good thing you clarified that, because I have some other idea concerning the "hotseat". Recently, I had to look up for software in Linux based OS, Lubuntu specifically, which would enable me and rest of the employees on their computers in office to work on, for example, one spreadsheet at the same time, over Internet connection. I found something and it`s called Fernapp -> http://www.fernapp.com/. Could this (modified, so it can work with DOSBox (yeah, that`s easy)), or something similar be what you`re looking for? It is for office work and it is for Linux, but I think there are a lot mentions of other programs, with similar functionalities.
  5. Concerning "REMOTE RETRO GAMING": I`m mostly throwing ideas, BUT I think that one crucial step might be hosting games. If you don`t know already about it, here`s Tunngle -> http://www.tunngle.net/ This software allows you to do exactly what you could do with, for example, Hamachi, in bad old days of not being able to play Red Alert 2 on Internet, and being forced to play on LAN. It has one crucial difference (and many more of course): neither do you, nor your partner in a gaming session, are acting as a host for a game, to which all others connect, which can be followed with lag or problems with connecting. Servers are hosted by the company, and there is one server per game! So if you want to play Red Alert 2, Borderlands, Minecraft with someone that is half a world away (tried it, it works): 1. You and your gaming partner search for a specific game, 2. You and your partner enter the "room", that is server (interface of the software is of IRC kind) 3. You and your partner enter the game that you want to play. After step 3, the rest of the story differs per game, but mostly you need to enter to LAN section of the game, make a game (you need to act as a host only in this part), give your session a name, protect it with password aaaaaand... that is it! Your partner will see your session in their LAN list and you can play a game without any problems that are usual with hosting a game. There are servers for A LOT of games (and quite old ones too), and who knows what this company is wiling to do. Now I saw that they made something called "Reviving Classic Games", this might be interesting to you, Ross. Of course, this may be a step, not a solution to whole "Playing DOS Games over net" problem. But, I think more "impossible" things have been realized. Who knows, if we pitch in enough ideas, we might begin something new here.
  6. Hey, Ross, quite a while ago I wanted to ask you how you made this episode, but I decided to wait until you finish FM. Anyway, did you make a video of Freeman wandering through the map, going in the house, etc. without shotgun in Counter-Strike, but then went in Half-Life and made short video of shotgun in hand, moved around a little bit? After which you made everything transparent except the shotgun on HL video, and then just pasted it as a different Layer (I guess?) over the video from the map? The changes in the lighting on shotgun caught my eye, so I was wondering if you did it somehow different, other than just playing the map normally?
  7. Of course, you can never be too sure of what the person on the other (metaphorical) end of the keyboard wants to say, but I think it is "making changes to profile". Also, wouldn`t bug in the set of code regarding profile changing just simply... disable logging in to site altogether? "Look, a popular demographic you can exploit." (advisor 2 happily running)
  8. Excuse me? @Binky -> GRAB THIS!!! And the result: (wow, such great quality who would`ve thought that it will be this good )
  9. I think this section of the sentence caused a minor explosion of pleasure in minds of a lot of people . Or was it an implosion caused by anticipation?
  10. HUGE(this adjective might be redundant, considering the size of the letters) DISCLAIMER: Do not watch if you`re looking for suspense horror, and not for horror that has explicit content -> blood, axes and so on in first 5 minutes of the movie (even satirically (as in props and acting)). So, it`s not for an easily upset tummy. Just adding this here, and apologizing for not adding it sooner . Proper way to do stuff right is to explain all things at once, not 2 days after resonance cascade.
  11. While I`m not a fan of horror movies, and wouldn`t even watch one voluntarily (suspense, thriller -> just fine), there`s one movie that SOMEWHAT fits into this category, it`s horror and it`s strange. I can`t quite recommend it, because what I like about this film is the side category this movie falls into (or is it main?) which is "cliche exploiting", "satire", which other people may not like, and I don`t know how popular the movie is. After that short foreword, I give you: The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made (2005). Be sure to find 2005 version. HUGE(this adjective might be redundant, considering the size of the letters) DISCLAIMER: Do not watch if you`re looking for suspense horror, and not for horror that has explicit content -> blood, axes and so on (even satirically). So, it`s not for an easily upset tummy.
  12. Picture is, in fact, somewhat blurry, which prevents us to completely believe what we see, but, as much as I am concerned, the picture is just showing the "curse" of humanity. But, here->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgw8XLD44_I you can see the latest thing I found of him in this short time (my guess is you already looked).
  13. It seems that more people showed up. I really hope that Ross had as much fun as posters commenting on forums. Which brings me to the last picture in news post... I never, ever used this meme, in any sense... BUT!!! FOR ME THIS IS OVER ∞! At least I changed it... When realization of who was in picture hit me, I almost felt that the world would shrink into a single spot, or at least a wormhole(SG1fan-here:]) would appear and transport Ross and Mr. Anderson to... somewhere awesome (fail imagination). Offtopic: Imagine the dynamic duo: Gordon Freeman and MacGyver.
  14. I completely support the decision to not take *** ***** (at least for now). If not illogical for reasons already mentioned (you gotta admit, that overcharge scene in game is funny as hell and I must say I was really looking forward to that scene being commented by Ross(my comment: SUPERB! )), it was too damn easy taking those pesky ****** and *********** down with one charging of the *****. If Ross, however, manage to obtain it somewhere along the line, I`d be looking forward to hearing a comment when Gordon spins ****`*-**-******. Great acting. Please, Ross, do continue in such manner, I`m looking forward to how you are going to develop Gordon`s character further.
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