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  1. RyoCaliente

    How long have you been a fan of Freeman's Mind?

    The first three episodes were up when I started watching.
  2. RyoCaliente


    Amazing episode, one of the best really.
  3. RyoCaliente


    Great ep, though I thought it would be the Lost Coast since he never has a chance to do that now if he would complete the series. Maybe as an additional stasis mission? Anyway like I said, fantastic ep, really nice to see these being released faster now.
  4. RyoCaliente

    Mystery episode :O

    It's gonna be Lost Coast. Watch it be the Lost Coast!
  5. RyoCaliente


    I think I found my sole problem with FM. Damage. I'd like to see Freeman be a bit more in pain after taking some hits. All in all, this episode was a bit less, but it indeed has more to do with the overall setting and pace of the game atm than with the dialogue.
  6. RyoCaliente

    Battle of the Minds

    Shephard's mind is great, he really adds a lot of things and it just generally amused me throughout. Barney's Mind is an abomination of videos, every episode was a suffering just waiting for something good but being left sorely disappointed. Very bad, and not recommended.
  7. RyoCaliente

    In all seriousness, this is a dire situation.

    HL 2 is a lot more serious than HL 1. In HL1, Freeman knows nothing. He's no one special, he's just in the wrong place, at the wrong time. In HL2, he's taken out of stasis and actually being told: "You need to fix this." He's fighting an entire race/government and it's generally a lot more dangerous. On the note of his character, I don't find it growing stale (yet). It works just fine, some parts are just a bit less fun than others but that's also because of the game. Though I agree he can be a bit more in control at times, but I don't mind that much.

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