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  1. If it looks like Machinima will kill Freeman's Mind, I'd say everyone should download the videos before they get taken down. Keep the series alive. And if it does get pulled, then we all re-upload them on our channels and keep circulating the tapes. Let's also organize a raid on Machinima. Some payback will be nice.
  2. Why didn't you just go with Vista? 7 is incredibly bugged and broken. Vista is a lot more reliable, especially with Steam games.
  3. I'm sorry, but after 6+ years at it, it's starting to smell like another Duke Nukem. Who's to say those screens weren't made ages ago, and just posted now?
  4. Now if they could stop adding nonsense like hats and promo items, and actually fix and optimize the game, we might have something.
  5. Long time lurker here, just had a question for you CP fans. Anyone know the maps that are used in the episodes? Curious to check them out myself. Sorry for sounding noobish at all! -bows and runs-
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