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  1. Here's a thought. If Ross ever gets to Episode 1, there's some great potential for reactions there now that the FM rendition of Kleiner is a thing. For example, Freeman and Alyx walk up the stairs after escaping the underground, and Gordon sees Kleiner on a big screen talking about procreation: "Ah crap. I knew this day would come. Well, time to bow to our new overlord, I guess."
  2. Given the 'Additional Mapping' credit at the end of the episode, it was probably custom made.
  3. Loved this episode. Some of the way things were handled was brilliant. The thing with the Vortigaunt (very obvious the thing Ross had in mind since HL1) is completely in-character for Gordon, and i'm glad he patched the game to let him do it. I wasn't expecting it for that reason, though, and was completely shocked, which made it even better.
  4. I can imagine this being one of those things that gradually builds up momentum as the series goes on. Like, we start where we are now, with Kleiner being described as somewhat morally questionable, but over time Gordon makes a bunch of anecdotes about Kleiner, each one more insane than the last, until we realise that the good doctor isn't just evil, he's completely mad and morally twisted.
  5. Well, that was amazing. Loved the take on Kleiner as being an 'evil scientist', as well as the Vortigaunt bits in the teleport sequence.
  6. Huh, I never expected my edit to be mentioned here... This is what I was referring to, for the record. Specific VA cameos as their characters.
  7. I had pretty much the exact same thought. If Ross wants to do Lost Coast in the same vein as he did Uplink, that's the only real way to slot it in unless he somehow passes out on the coast and washes down the shoreline a bit, though that'd run the risk of working out how he gets back again. At the end of the day, him turning up there during the missing week because of teleportation flux, as in Uplink, is the only real way to go.
  8. I'm of the opinion that this is a "preview", and that the joke is that it's not really coming back properly yet. Still loved and can't wait though.
  9. Here's a thought. What if the Eddy that Gordon keeps mentioning is actually Barney, and 'Eddy' is either a nickname, or Gordon has forgotten his actual name. Regardless of that though, I think that, in spite of evidence to the contrary (Gordon hasn't mentioned Barney once throughout the series), Gordon would recognise Barney upon meeting him. This fact is backed up by the fact that in Barney's Mind, Barney knows Gordon, and the guy who voices Barney in Barney's Mind made a voice acting cameo as him at the end of the second to last episode of Freeman's Mind, possibly making Barney's Mind canon to Freeman's Mind (though that would also make Shephard's Mind canon as well, if it wasn't already). Anyway, I may have gone off on a tangeant there. Sorry about that.
  10. What an ending. Seriously couldn't have asked for a better way to finish FM up. Regardless of what you do next; be it a continuation of FM, or something else entirely; I can't wait, because I know it will be just as awesome.
  11. Looking at this, I (like the creator of this thread) don't understand what the back-rubs thing was about. I know it was a reference, but other than that... i'm confused to say the least.
  12. "Gordon, you made it through Ravenholme! Thank God!" Gordon: "Was there ever any doubt?"
  13. Actually, it's only 2 days, not any more than that. Which makes his murder tendencies even worse.
  14. Since he hasn't marked them down yet, I thought i'd go to the trouble of recording the kills in the past 2 episodes for him. If i've missed one, i'm sorry. EPISODE 50 6 Grunts (MP5 + Shotgun) 2 Vorts (MP5) 1 Gargantua ("Yes, Good Godzilla!" Aerial Strike) EPISODE 51 1 Alien Grunt (MP5) 5 Vorts (Shotgun) 3 Snarks (MP5) 4 Alien Grunts (Shotgun) I'm not sure whether the Snark count is correct, as these are just the one's he definetely killed himself, as opposed to the ones that could have just exploded.
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