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  1. You look like if Theon Greyjoy met Jesus. Don't worry, I'm not going to call you "Reek".
  2. You should try out "Road Rash", Ross. That game was super awesome!
  3. I just started imagine Freeman's Mind in some weird scenarios (not only FPS). I mean, imagine him in The Sims or Mario... or World of Warcraft... or Carmageddon or...
  4. Haha, same here. I was 100% sure that Ross will make some Ghostbusters reference... For example: something about not crossing the beams. Or that Freeman will think that those aliens are ghosts in reality and Black Mesa is some Ghostbusters Laboratory. Because Black Mesa could be built on an ancient indian burial grounds. I mean, this IS a New Mexico, right?
  5. Oh damn. Now I really want to play first Deus Ex...
  6. Holy crap! So you REALLY are here in Poland And you cloned yourself into girl-version of you! Ross'alia Scott
  7. To be honest, I didn't like new sounds, because they were badly mixed (no offence to the editor). Some of them were too loud, sometimes you could still hear old sounds together with new ones etc. IMHO it was a little too messy. But the tank sound were actually pretty good! So I would say: only some of new sounds should stay (explosions), but rest (gunshots) should stay original. Cheers!
  8. Lavo


    It's very unlikely to fry all hardware. It is very hard to destroy modern computers (unless, you really want to) One time I spilled my whole cup of tea on laptop at my work and NOTHING happened. And the tea was everywhere inside it Just dry it and it should be allright. PS Remember about cleaning off old thermal grease and applying new one, whenever you take off cooling system from your CPU. If you don't do that, cooling may be too weak and cause overheat CPU. Still, it won't damage your CPU - it is automaticly shutting off, before frying. PPS I have similar casing. I keep it under my table, so it's impossible to spill anything on it
  9. I just found this one. It's awesome!
  10. I just found I think it's great
  11. I hope he won't use Cinematic Mode if he ever countinue FM in HL2... Alyx looks much worse than in original. Also other models are off IMO.
  12. In the 70's people had such trips with LSD. Nowadays we have those trips thanks to YouTube...
  13. I think that is where they created those two zombies... "Do you know who ate all donuts?"
  14. I've seen it many times on YouTube thumbnails. So I said to myself "ah what the hell" and I checked it.... Watched whole thing like 4 times ;p
  15. Ah, old country. Hardware gets still gets shipped by the mule express in Poland. Are you kidding?! We don't send anything by mules here in Poland. Food is not good courier. It's like you would want to send pigeons to deliver your mail... Just plain stupid! Usualy we just use slings... And sometimes we pray...
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