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  1. Didn't you live at the time of posting those videos in the USA? Also, aren't you still a citizen of USA?
  2. Maybe Ross just hates DST. I do. Anyway, I second previous comments — using UTC would be much more convenient. I, for one, had no idea what EST was and had to look it up (then I forgot and had to look it up again), but almost everyone knows by how much their local time is offset in relation to UTC. That's called "time zone".
  3. Same here, count me in. I don't understand, why won't they enable polls in the forum, instead of relying on the garbage bin, which reddit is. EDIT: Before someone complains that it wouldn't work, I'll offer a possibility: We could create a thread, which would be for game suggestions. No comments, no discussions — we can have a companion thread for these. People just look if their suggested game is on the list (OP of that thread) or in posts, if not, post theirs — one time is enough. Moderators, on the other hand, periodically add suggested games to the list in the head and then delete these posts. We give it a couple of weeks time. Then suggestion topic gets closed, and a poll is opened with all of the suggested games — again, for some couple of weeks, until next play session. If we will not settle for something satisfactory, it can be than repeated as necessary.
  4. Happy Birthday, Ross! This coming late, but have you seen Rare Exports Inc. (2003) Rare Exports: The Official Safety Instructions (2005) short films?
  5. Where did you even get that game (Freak Out)? I'd love to try it. Same here.
  6. About stranding on a mountain: That's because you screwed up difficulty levels, Ross. There are four difficulty levels for ski runs in Europe (and also, I heard, in Japan?): GREEN slopes, beginner: never-ever level (suitable for children), a place to learn a snow-plow, for example; maximum angle of inclination: 25%; BLUE, easy, most popular ones; maximum angle of inclination: 25%; RED, intermediate, for experienced skiers; maximum angle of inclination: 40%; BLACK, expert: most difficult, toughest ones. Also, there's no absolute standard and actual difficulty for a given color may vary between different regions.
  7. Hey, Ross, what are your thoughts about Intel's Project Alloy?
  8. And why server being in EU would necessarily be a bad thing? Ross has many fans here in Europe. And AFAIK he himself is located in Europe ATM. Given these circumstances, it's strange that US always gets priority and is considered first. Server's location shouldn't be an issue if all interested parties can get an ok connection to it.
  9. Ok, so here's the problem: After getting my new password via e-mail, I tried to change it in my profile settings. Didn't work. Basically, link, which is opened by clicking on "Submit" takes me to an empty, white page. I guess, it is supposed to redirect, but that never happens, and my new password is never saved either. Tried it on Firefox to no avail. Then, on old Opera (v. 12.16) — nope. Then, on IE — same results. Logging out doesn't work either (however, closing the browser does, since it is set to erase everything privacy related on closure). Everything else, including getting new password via "Forgot password" form works. Am I only one, to whom this is happening? If so, how to resolve that issue? EDIT: Oh, right, profile info isn't changeable either. Looks like for me entire UCP could be not working.
  10. Wonder why? Ross lives by UTC+01:00. IMAO it matters more than wherever anyone else happen to be at this moment. I, for one, live by UTC+02:00. Better? Agreed.
  11. I've tried changing sk_bigmomma_health_factor to 0.1. Gonarch takes a pair to three rockets, then runs to next location. So, nope, IMAO, it wouldn't hurt, it is still a massive thing to kill.
  12. codebase="http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=8,0,0,0">
  13. Hello, EU (except UK) has right-hand traffic. Left-hand drive jeep is perfectly normal. Not necesserily. Any sane person would like to prevent his/her own slow agony, if he/she had the option. "Saving the world" and "Saving the society as we know it" are two different things. The first is all about survival, also for individual, the second is not.
  14. Ok… I imagined that Ross took out viewmodel of one of HL's weapons and replaced it with empty one, which would be empty hands, so changing to it would just put the weapon down, and from it — unholster next one. BTW, was weapon damage or monster hitpoints edited (or scale)? Or both?
  15. This episode reminded me of two other games: Minigolf Deluxe and Hamsterball. xD Would be fun to see what Ross has to say about these
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