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  1. Hold on! I get it. He's trolling us. This whole thread was really just a cry for attention wasn't it? Well mission accomplished.
  2. The message after the credits asking me to buy dlc mere minutes after that heartwrenching end was pretty insulting. And kinda funny.
  3. I bought Kingdoms of Amalur about a week ago, and tomorrow night I'll pick up Mass Effect 3.
  4. War of the Monsters. I played that game so much you would have to be a god to beat me!
  5. Hopefully this one will have more focus on the characters than the first game. Also I wonder if the game will actually include dubstep in the soundtrack. I'm not sure how I'd feel about that...
  6. This deserves WAY more views.
  7. Welcome! I really like your avatar! Yay! Thanks!
  8. Hey! Y'all can call me Lash. I've been creeping the forums since they began and am just now getting the courage to socialize... Any way, I'm from Canada and my hobbies include video games, rockclimbing and procrastination.
  9. From now on whenever I get the hiccups I will think of Ross/Freeman.
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