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  1. Just to be sure, "vote" means "rate" with a thumbs up, right? Just want to make sure I'm not clicking a meaningless "like" button.
  2. "Nice videos you have there, Mr. Scott. It would be a shame if something were to happen to them."
  3. There are .mkv's for episodes 1..5, so I figured maybe someone just forgot to copy a file. Care to share that .avi? I can download the YouTube .flv, but if the .avi is better quality I'd rather have that.
  4. I wonder how many of the younger folks here got the movie reference?
  5. Very old thread, I wonder if this will get bumped to the top? Anyway, the Morning Patrol .mkv link http://www.accursedfarms.com/movies/cp/cp07/ is dead, does anyone have a copy?
  6. Since I run Linux on most of my computers, I am really excited about this. In other forums (reddit), I often see "yeah, but I've been running Valve/Steam games under Wine for years, etc...", but my experiences with Wine and even the commercial version (Cedega was it?) have been poor. It required a lot of tweaking, some texture functions just didn't work right - I wanted to play Wizard 101 with my daughter, but my character model was solid black, audio was choppy (when it worked at all), and the frame rate of the few games I tried sucked. So now Valve is working with Intel, AMD, and NVidia on improving the native OpenGL drivers, which the Wine/Crossover/Cedega people would never get the opportunity to do, and even though Valve is using a D3D->GL translation later, it is their *own* code, so they can debug the stack from top to bottom without any guesswork or reverse engineering. Just awesome. As far as advantages/disadvantages, I only see good things - we can run great games on a solid platform that is largely free of malware, and doesn't consume ridiculous amounts of resources running anti-virus and DRM. * edit Value -> Valve
  7. I believe that is AF's own Mr. Anderson, purveyor of fine merchandise and teller of dark amusement park tales.
  8. More celebrity sightings...
  9. I'm over 40 and what is a 4chan? taptaptap... There were no witnesses. Eventually. Combine as in "to put things together"? We really lucked out with the overcast and drizzle, considering the days leading up to the event. Seriously, thanks for posting the pictures, I've been looking forward to the group shot all week!
  10. Inlining the images blew up the page width, which is just rude, so I'll post links and you can click to view. "Mike and Dave, behind the masks" Ross sharing tales of movie production with some fans: That's my kid on the right (clearly a fan of the Internet). And I believe that's a velociraptor in the background.
  11. Thx, ISCG. I never know what to expect in forums, people can be weird. But here I am, so does that make me weird? ChuckThe2nd, I think the 95% figure more accurately represents people who indicated they were going to show up, but didn't. I could count the morning turnout on my fingers and toes, including Ross and his friends. I was hoping to see some posts from the others, to get a feel for whether they were Ok with having their pictures posted, but hey, it was a public meetup, after all. I only took a few pictures, will post 1 or 2 of the better ones. Unfortunately, due to abysmal 3G internet here in central PA (taking the long way home), even those pictures might have to wait, sorry.
  12. It was a really cool time. Met Ross and Craig, some of Ross's friends, and several other fans that showed up in the morning. Got some T-Shirts (not perfect, but unique!) and some signed prints (I love these). Heard some really interesting back stories and other tales. I split off early at the park to go on rides with my daughter, but made the 2pm re-meet briefly, and a few new faces were there. There was a group photo at the beginning, and probably others later that I missed. I have a few pictures on my camera, I need to fish out the SD card, I'll try and upload a few later. Would recommend anyone on the fence about the South meetup, GO! And buy stuff. Even with my growing DVD collection, Netflix, and cable, I still find myself coming back to Accursed Farms productions maybe once a week, I just never get tired of it. So I'm happy to support AF by buying stuff, if that makes any difference. I got the sense from Ross that it really is about the art (story, characters) and quality of production for him, but hey, making a few extra bucks on merchandise can't hurt.
  13. Will swag be on sale in the Kings Dominion lot at 11, or just at the Denny's? Wondering if I can sleep in...
  14. Cool, another one from MA! I've never done this sort of meetup either, although I saw a live production of Potter Puppet Pals a few years ago, and got to say Hi to the guy who does that. Btw, I'm basically taking the route that Google Maps generated, except near DC I dragged it out to 495 past Andrews AFB, hoping to avoid some traffic near the center. Last time I tried to drive through DC it was at night and I got really lost, ended up in the Capitol parking lot at 2am, quickly chased out by the cops. That was no fun at all. Having the meetup at an amusement park, and not something like a sports bar, is a great idea, and kid-friendly by default. I will definitely have a camera, even if its just my crappy iTouch.
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