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  1. Túrórudi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%C3%BAr%C3%B3_Rudi
  2. https://www.tigerclaw.com/light-wushu-broadsword-martial-arts-pr-8472.html
  3. Getting ready for my date. I hope it will go well. Looking good: check. Having enough self-confidence: check. Not having life threatening diseases: check. Money: mastercard. Having plan-B: check. Awful weather: check. Wait, that is not good...
  4. It's a shame this won't work with the linux client .
  5. Wow! I haven't been here since... I don't know. Half a year? One year? Wait, what year is it? Okay, general chat. I got this. Hmm. Ah, yes. I have a pretty good job, nice office, amazing salary (for a part time job at least) and friendly coworkers. I've got my red belt in Northern Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung fu. And I did my semester almost perfectly at my university. So everything has been great so far.
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one playing on linux. I was working a couple of hours ago. Now I'm just browsing the interwebs, and maybe later I'll play some re2 or dino crisis 1 on my phone.
  7. I've just donated 22.01 USD. This is the amount I spend for lunch in a week at a local diner. Don't worry, this doesn't mean I'll skip the next five lunch times in the next week. I have a decent salary . Oh, and that would be awesome if you could arrange some kind of meetup in Europe too. Anyways greetings from Hungary!
  8. Woah. Just wow! Ross is in Poland, yaaay! That is almost near Hungary. (Well at least it was near before our country got cut apart.) If there was a meetup in Prague I would be there that's for sure.
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