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  1. I should have clarified that I didn't make this video Oh. Well anyways, tell the real creator what I last said. LOL.
  2. That was awesome! Except you have the wrong Freeman model. Lol. There is a freeman model without a helmet. I think you should do more.
  3. No, you were right. He's gunna skip over episode 48 right to 49, including a skip over what would have happened in 48. Something really crazy will have happened, and he will allude to a lot in the episodes afterward, about how insane and crazy it was, but we will never know what happened. It will be hilarious and frustrating. Lol, where did you find that out?
  4. OMG not ep 49. EP 48! It was a typo. Lol.
  5. OK, I'll be happy if remind him. It would at least let me know when FM 49 is coming.
  6. I'm also curious about that FM-related project. Hopefully it comes soon.
  7. You spelled ROFL wrong. It's ROFL not ROLF.
  8. What the hell is going on with the progress bar? I recommend it is fixed because every time I see a progress bar update, it excites me and the fans. Unless there is a reason the progress bar isn't being updated often.
  9. Lol. Everyone who doesen't care puts a picture of their dog and/or cat in the forum. It at least shows what they voted for.
  10. ALso, I like the awesome new gun sounds.
  11. Great job, although it was a disappointment he didn't get the bee gun. But hey, at least he didn't blow up in that nuclear warehouse.
  12. I always get hopped up and excited when a new episode gets released.
  13. I would put it something like this (I'm only counting his weapon kills and I am not counting roaches or leech.) . Episode 1-10 -Episode 6 4 Houndeyes 1 Vort 4 Headcrabs 1 Zombie -Episode 7 1 Bullsquid -Episode 8 6 Headcrabs -Episode 9 19 Headcrabs 10 Vorts 1 Barnacle 4 Zombies -Episode 10 2 Bullsquids 7 Headcrabs 1 Barnacle 3 Zombies Overalls Houndeyes:4 Vorts:11 Headcrabs:36 Zombies:8 Bullsquids:3 All weapon kills from Episode 1-10:62
  14. YES! The working Progress Bar is back!
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