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  1. This episode introduced me to my two new favorite quotes: "I'm not going to lose sleep over bringing a rocket launcher to a be fight." and "You know what the difference is between my hallucinations and other peoples'? My hallucinations shoot back at me and kill other people." Definitely two new favorites.
  2. I figure that as he makes his way through the tripmine maze, he will rant about turning your storage facility into a nuke building and how it adversely affects your ability to get what is in the storage and about how there is no point to it because he has simian instincts to guide him to safety.
  3. Jotunn


    I keep my tower on top of my desk, just I have it suspended on top of a layer of tyvek and packing tape wrapped bricks. Plus, even if it was on the floor, there are no holes on the top so im mostly safe. (Its an ancient gaming case, like 2005 with a new comp in it.)
  4. WOOHOO! Finally getting my much delayed dose of Freeman's Mind.
  5. Check my signature for one of my favorites. After that is the supressive fire in supressive fire out and then the damn dam monologue. Also the one where the scientists jump into the vent and fall into the fan.
  6. I would donate if I could, but I have nothing to spare. It's times like these that I wish I could better support this kind of creative talent and that people would stop seeing that kind of talent as a giant stack of potential cash for them.
  7. "Oh shit, am I a pedophile? Nonono... No. I mean, I wasn't attracted to her until she's like twenty something, right? So no pedo. And technically I should be forty seven now, but biologically I'm still twenty seven because my cells didn't age during suspended animation. Shit, statutory rape gets confusing when you factor in time travel. You know what, fuck it, she's hot and I'm already a fugitive." That sounds perfect. Just perfect.
  8. It has been way too long since I last played Doom. Feels good to know someone else remembers the doom days.
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