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  1. Hell, Ross' contract with them probably says he can't.
  2. "What did you say about me?!?!? Actually it really doesn't matter. I have the best comeback of all, a Spas-12."
  3. Very true... It's hard to pick just one or two favorites... Yeah, but the real reason I like father Grigori is because of his demeanor, I mean, it's almost as if he acts care free and having fun in his own little amusement park. It's as if insanity just works for him.
  4. I'm not worried about the free games promo because I already got so many games I haven't even touched yet due to my previous system being unable to play them. I have thought about the GTX 650, since AMD is slow to send out updates for their cards. But I just found an HD 7770 for about 90$ after rebate, I thought this sounded pretty good.
  5. Well, I kind of want to have a balance between power and budget, I mean, I can switch out parts in the future if I really wanted to.
  6. I've already purchased the kit from TigerDirect.com. I just need to find a good Graphics card to finish building it. I've swapped the 400 watt psu with a 750 watt. I was thinking to go with a Radeon HD 7770, unless you think I should go with an Nvidia card.
  7. Honestly, my favorite character would probably be Father Grigori. I mean come on, whats more badass than a Russian Orthodox Monk with an 1887 Winchester killing zombies?
  8. Sorry, I can't see that in a badass like Freeman. I would actually think that Freeman would get irritated at Grigori for always quoting Bible verses for no apparent reason.
  9. Hey Ross, just out of curiosity, what level of education do you have? Maybe you could try getting a job at a video game company as an animator or a mapper?
  10. Grigori: Tread lightly, for this is hallowed ground. Freeman: Tread lightly, for I don't give a hollowed shit. *Freeman passing through Ravenholm cemetery* Freeman: I wonder if grave robbing is still illegal even after aliens take over the planet. Grigori: Fair Well Brother! Freeman: Peace out mah nigga
  11. I decided to go with AMD simply because I'm on a serious budget, I mean, they aren't that bad. I've heard good things about Phenom, despite this model being a few years old. I will be mostly doing gaming, a little bit of photo and video editing, and maybe some modelling in 3ds max. Motherboard: Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 USB3.0 CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1045T 2.70GHz CPU RAM: 2x Kingston HyperX Red 4GB Memory Module Hard Drive: Seagate 500GB HDD Case\PSU: Thermaltake Case w/450W PSU Other: Samsung 24x DVDRW Kingwin 120mm Red LED Case Fan Graphics Card: Radeon HD 7770 (Not so sure here) I also was considering using my other Ultra 750 Watt PSU (Ultra is the brand btw), However I'm not so sure about Ultra. The power supply I bought from them is running great, but others say Avoid it at all costs. In terms of the graphics card, I would prefer it to be able to play Far Cry 3 at least at medium settings. So what are your suggestions guys?
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