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  1. Maybe he'll do one once in a greaaat while, that way he wont have to strain his throat too terribly. How a man could naturally speak that way is beyond me..
  2. The Brutal Doom mod coupled with Ross Scott's voice is a recipe for comedy. I'd love to see some more episodes, provided it doesn't delay FM too long. Anyone else wanna see this?
  3. I think he'll probably rant and rant about how likely a entirely different world with breathable air for humans is, or something similar.
  4. "And if you see Dr. Breen, tell him I said: "F...{crash}YOU!" "AHAHAHA! I think I hate him slightly less!" "Well, Gordon, I see your HEV Suit still fits you like a glove. At least, the glove parts do. " "Ha ha. Nice joke, Doctor Brown." [after telling Gordon to back up, heads for terminal] "Yeah, I'm gonna need me some privacy for this. "Oh god..your not going to.." [works at terminal, deactivating security cameras] [Freeman sighs in relief] Oh..good." Now... "Now?" ... about that beer I owed ya!" "What beer?..Whatever. As long as its free, I'll take it." I had too much fun with this
  5. When I'm ___, they should ___ this ___ __. Okay... keep against the ___ and just walk straight past the ___ ____. Don't make ___ ___, just walk... WALK!
  6. Just asking;the last few episodes are getting delayed alot.
  7. Yay. I was rewarded for being patient.
  8. and then there's the fact that i check the news every single day multiple times .-.
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