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  1. as someone who mostly buys indie games these days, this law scares me. a lot of indie devs already say its hard enough to get your game noticed, or to get it to sell at all currently, but this would only make that even harder than it already is. why would anyone, if given the option, buy any digital game brand new for any price when they could just get a used copy for less? would indie devs even get any noticeable profit from used copies? hypothetically i'd guess on Steam, they'd get a cut of the sale along with Valve, but they wouldn't be getting anywhere near as much as they would from someone just buying the game, since if you're selling a used game, you yourself would want to get some money from that sale. there's a huge amount of indie games that have had significant impact on me in one way or another (Hyper Light Drifter, OneShot, Undertale, Wandersong, Fez, and so on) and with this law, i can't help but wonder how many potentially life-changing indie games the world could miss out on, because of the fear of not making a cent off of the sales of the thing you've put years of your life into. how's this going to work for indie-based sites like itch.io? will they have to do something about this? what about consoles? there's so many things about this situation that are just really, genuinely concerning as an indie fan. i hope this doesn't get enforced. however - if this gets enforced, i feel like it could possibly have effects on digital sales as a whole, not just for games. what about music? would Apple end up having to make a resale market for digital albums? what about a site like Bandcamp? what about digital copies of movies, or tv shows? anything?
  2. splashmob

    Post Your Game Findings

    forgot to update my post, apologies. was waiting for the demo to be officially out to link to it - which it is now, so here's the link! https://hakita.itch.io/ultrakill-prelude
  3. splashmob

    Post Your Game Findings

    you can customise the HUD, yeah - there's options for viewmodel placement (right, middle, left), turning the meters off (including the Style meter in the top right), crosshair size and colour, and there's a classic, more simple hud style to pick from as well
  4. splashmob

    Post Your Game Findings

    ULTRAKILL - An ultraviolent fast-paced old-school-inspired FPS with inspirations from Devil May Cry among other things. I found this game thanks to a thread over on the Knockout forums and I'm gonna do my best to share it with as many people as I can, because this game is incredible. There's a demo for it releasing on the 30th, and I've played it, and it's insanely good. I highly, highly recommend checking out the demo when its out. This game deserves so much more attention than it currently has. I'll update this post with a link to the demo when its available. https://twitter.com/ULTRAKILLGame
  5. splashmob


    hey so, here's something that might help with the gamepad stuff - Steam has built-in controller support that supports most PC gamepads, where you can rebind buttons and keys to anything on the controller. might help solve the problems you have with Xinput and 3rd-party controller emulators. its a huge, super in-depth thing that i feel like almost nobody knows about, and it works with essentially any Steam game, too.
  6. splashmob

    Birthday thread: Art

    Are you aware of Simon Stålenhag's work? It's the kind of sci-fi stuff that I think would really interest you. Check it out here: http://simonstalenhag.tumblr.com/
  7. splashmob

    Our FAVOURITE Moments

    "Give peace a chance! Or at least stand still!"
  8. splashmob

    Steam Name Thread

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/mariobrosteam Feel free to add me.
  9. splashmob


    Well, that's that. It's over. Congratulations, Ross. It's been a long 7 years. Very excited to see what you may make in the future.
  10. splashmob


    Very excited and amazed to soon see the end of this. Wonderful episode, as usual.
  11. splashmob


    Yes, I get these bugs on my version of Half-Life: Source as well. The skybox is missing in some maps, too.
  12. splashmob


    I always thought Freeman had dropped the crossbow, after all you never see him use it.
  13. splashmob


    Imagine Freeman in Mirror's Edge. That'd be interesting.
  14. splashmob

    Fundraiser Update

    I'll definitely buy a t-shirt when/if the store comes back. Also, yeah, Freeman's Mind 2 would be incredible.

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