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  1. So one time, I was talking to a door, I was like, "Hey, what's up, door?" And he went, "Man, its a hard knock life."
  2. Reading the residential building code. I want to know what it says about earth sheltered homes, because I'mma build one and then be a hippy inside it.
  3. Is that one of those chocolate eggs with the filling...stuff?
  4. Still trying to get used to this non-dairy thing that was urged upon me by the doctor. I thought I was gonna be okay with non-fat milk, but I came in for a follow up appointment and damn...you think Edward Snowden got in trouble, you should have heard this guy rip into me. #CardiologistsBSeriousYo
  5. Hey, thanks. I keep this up, I bet I'll have a positive score someday
  6. _BL3L5xqyy4 I played the shit out of this back when I was job searching all those years. This and the flavor of green tea are indelibly associated with unemployment in my mind.
  7. A picture of that one time in 2007 when I Kamehameha'ed the bathroom mirror. Or took a really bad selfie, I can't remember which:
  8. Dear whatever-part-of-the-brain-is-in-charge-of-memory-recall: Thank you for subjecting me to the God-Emperor of all brain farts and rendering me speechless during a crucial technical discussion. That special blend of forgetting everything remotely pertinent and losing the ability to formulate a single thought for the next five minutes brought my efforts to plead a case to a dead stop, never to be regained again. Thanks to your timely decision to revoke my access to any fact ever, I was unable to defend my work from the whims of a newcomer to the project, allowing him to drive a consensus with the Powers That Be that I need to start over. It was great being lectured in front of the client and upper management for my perceived cluelessness, when one sentence of explanation would have averted this entire fiasco. As the cherry on top of this shit-sundae, having to redo this assignment when I was already balls-deep in work puts me irretrievably behind schedule and thus adds "unproductive" to my growing infamy in the eyes of my boss. If I didn't think I'd get lost on the way to the surgeon's or accidentally eat my appointment slip at your prompting, I'd gladly have you lobotomized for being a little ratfuck waste of tissue. I can only wait for the day when cybernetics free me from having to depend on such a pathetically faulty mechanism that, at the best of times, prioritizes Nirvana lyrics from 1995 over information I specifically entrusted to your care not five minutes prior. Get shit on, brain, the only way you could have failed me worse is by melting and oozing out my ears. Worst regards, DTTT
  9. I'm interested, I've never liked having to somehow befriend a big name who knows what they're doing when they only accept others who know what they're doing. Hi guys, A little bit ago you guys mentioned that an animating group sounded fun. I considered starting it here, but then kind of figured that it would be seen as redundant when you consider the subforums specifically dedicated to source and machinima. However, another community I belong to is Rooster Teeth, and on there I found a filmmaking group who desperately wants members producing content. I contacted them and asked if they would be willing to accomodate animators, and was very specific that the reason for asking was to have a ...well, a "home" for lack of a better word. Somewhere people could get moral and practical support as they undertake their animation efforts. The guys were very excited about the prospect of animators making awesome Saxxy-winning films in their group, and I'm sure they will be great hosts. If you guys are still interested in spite of it being on another site, you can find the group here. RT is home to a huge number of aspiring animators, so I think this is the best community to meet everyone's needs. I go by 'Cigarette' in that forum. Note that this group originally geared itself towards working together on live-action short films--they get together in Austin, TX every year and film, voice act, all kinds of stuff. DON'T worry that you've been misdirected if the forum talks about live action filming stuff. Just mention that you are here for the animation and you will be welcomed. Hope to see you guys there!
  10. Our brains are wired for finding food, maintaining relationships, and solving the problems immediately in front of us with tools. We haven't developed an instinctual drive to think in the long term yet, because its only been very recent in our history as a species that we've had the luxury of worrying about what happens in a month. That's why work habit are important, because it turns a long-term priority into an immediate priority that your instincts can understand--your instinctual tug to sit down and work on your book isn't because you know the manuscript is due in a year, all your subconscious knows is that "HEY RARITY, ITS BOOK TIME. GO BOOK FOR A WHILE"
  11. Sweet work on Sniper-chu. How did you do that? And are you open to a suggestion?
  12. Eh, its okay, it gets the job done cheap, with the most expensive parts being the LECA balls and the UV plenum. I definitely want artificial lighting though, so that I can take advantage of the red-blue effect--the pacific northwest doesn't always provide a lot of sun anyways.
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