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  1. Half-Life 1. Bees or peas?
  2. Insanity. (You know which one I'm talking about, and so do you.) Normal wells, or H.G. Wells?
  3. Banned for undergoing cellular regeneration on a regular basis.
  4. The employer I mentioned in my last post here left me a voice message to call them back. I know that's probably a good sign, but I'm terrified of talking on the phone so right now I'm trying to psyche myself up into calling them. (Now that I think about it, maybe applying for a job where I'd be talking on the phone all day wasn't the best idea.)
  5. Banned for stepping on a chocolate wrapper while walking through a parking lot.
  6. Sitting here while being really nervous about an over the phone job interview in a couple of hours. It's just a tech support gig, but I'm worried that I'll freeze up when they ask me the typical job interview questions. It's not even my first job interview and the last one went fine, my brain is just being dumb and I wish it would stop doing that.
  7. *Looks to his avatar* *Looks back at the thread* I think I'm gonna have to go with H.P. Lovecraft. Yarn or a barn?
  8. Banned for not wearing a fancy hat.
  9. Dr. Pepper, definitely. Cords or chords?
  10. Banned for only having four visible fingers in your avatar.
  11. Don't Stare A game where you are presented with the most beautiful imagery that human eyes have ever seen, but your eyes explode in their sockets if you stare at one of the pictures for too long.
  12. You're not suffering from extreme paranoia, Zaraki. You're just being paranoid.
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