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  1. Creating an anti-semetic text adventure is c++. You know what they say if(CurrentAction == "Heil Hitler").
  2. I think a good example of voice acting is
  3. Mechwarrior 2. It's not that obscure because it was named best game of 1995, but it really sort of forgotten now considering the only forum that talks about it is dying. Pros: Incredibly rich simulation for 1995 Great mechanics Weapons are fun to use and the mechs really have a punch to them Mods allow it to run in custom resolutions Cons: Really painful to get running Flat shaded 3d graphics don't age well Some bugginess in the multiplayer mode
  4. This is sort of a bit random, but since I couldn't find a thread about it anywhere else on the internet and Ross Scott is a "Huge Nerd" I thought it might be something interesting to bring about. I think the first issue is mainly the amount of RAM on the S-SMP being 64kb.
  5. Then realizes we have a Free-For-All section. *Puts gun to head and pulls trigger
  6. There's no random section to this forum at all. Like seriously. I can't post a bunch of random nerdy stuff. Big flaw here and there's an easy fix. Name: Random Description: Like /b/ but with people that have iqs higher than a collective 3. I will leave off with this .PS: If you feel like your deaf in one ear blame the hard panning.
  7. Example: MechWarrior 2 Just anything that will spit out a .bin and .cue will work.
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