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  1. Cheers. By removing all filter, i can sort all games with fantastic rating. As for the last one, a suggestion I can make: Box it out (with a different background color) Regards,
  2. Greeting and salutation, I definitely enjoyed your taste and was ecstatic to see a Fantastic award in Subnautica. Its one of the few game that I genuinely enjoyed it gleefully. However, I wondered why most of the valve game is absent in your list? Especially with a Portal titles... PS: as a suggestion feature, could I combine all genre and sort them by Ross's award? Regards, Definitely not a Donald Fauntleroy Duck.
  3. Greeting Ross, D'you mind if you can explain why you dislike infinite scrolling feature? I aplogise for not following up topic of this thread. Saw a keyword "politic" and noped outta here.
  4. Would enabling Community Contribution have effect in demonetizing? they seem to have a pretty robust subtitle maker so far.
  5. Best of luck to Chris Cogdon. you've made the pact with the wavy hair Satan
  6. If trump can become President of United State, Ross can surely post Freeman's Mind 2 on April 1st.
  7. Hello Ross, do you mind if i ask why are you disabling automatic Subtitle YouTube? granted its not 100% accurate but its at least 80% accurate.
  8. Thanks for reviewing another Halloween game. Fortune teller must've chewed a lot to free herself. Also, recently I found out in a comment in YouTube, someone is remaking Battleforge. It'll be now named as a Battleforge Reborn. here is a link: http://bfreborn.com/ If someone already spread that information here, sorry for reposting it. I don't necessarily have time to check all thread.
  9. a 100th post of this thread. fitting. Ross hit 15k. now he can fortify his body with irons! I would've donated if i didn't have a little fender bender last week.
  10. Sorry for late replies, i just joined forum and still browsing it Ross's spec as of march15, 2014: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Asus M5A97 8GB RAM Geforce 660 Ti 320GB hardrive 640GB hardrive 2x1TB hardrives in RAID 1 Several external hardrives + eSATA dock i found this fact from ross video At this point, its safe to assume Ross already purchased SDD, not sure at what capacity.
  11. You are very welcome Not at all, its all working as it should be, however, I do have suggestion for Ross regarding about subtitles: Now, im not sure its because youtube updated new player or its always been like that, but sometime i come across some video like this Its not too much of issues, since i can pause and turn off subtitle and turn it agian and continue watching. But please do consider editting words away from subtitles territory. i finished mind freeman yesterday, and boy, i am glad to discover the playlist too late, i would have to wait forever. as always Ross, thanks for amazing video
  12. i just made an account for several purposes, one of them is this: Thank very much for making all ross video embedded with your subtitle. this helps for deaf or hard hearing like myself everywhere.
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