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  1. Could you upload it to youtube again please because itll be 2am-ish for me, i might miss it?
  2. I got $25 from an online survey website so i throught I'd trying to donate to Ross because i like his work and he's gotta get his beans some how, and the next thing i know my tablet falls out of my hand and is on the ground right after I tap the donate button... Is this a sign?
  3. How do you "befriend" people on youtube?
  4. Going to go to a friends house and ever time we go there have an awesome tea.
  5. Here my youtube channel. I'm working on an animating a video. It'll be out eventually. I dont if it'll be good or bad though. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2IJY6cmHpZCvmztiodoJlg
  6. Someones when I'm taking to people i have a mini stroke and start talking in a different accent. Its weird.
  7. Here's a funny series about kickstart project. Here's a funny series by the same guy where me unboxes stuff. My brother introduced me to them their funny as hell, i recommend you watch them. Enjoy!
  8. Yet its pretty cool where i am, not literally. Sometimes too hot. We get like 2-3 weeks of winter here.
  9. The blood of jesus... geezz, he must of been an alcoholic because it taste like wine.
  10. I'm auatralian so id say a mixed if drucken english, irish & scottish & alot of swearing inbetween.
  11. I use to watch syndicate play that but i could never wake in time to watch the livestream. I've kind of burnt myself out of watching minecraft videos, i use to watch/play minecraft all the time but not that much anymore but Thanks anyway.
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