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  1. I just love Age of Empires 2. Ross rocks too.
  2. Thanks a lot Ross, you are the best! Btw, the new page seems very good.
  3. I think there is a good argument for Patreon that can be achievable through the website: people seems to like the difference of seen their names with the contributions on a page. Sorry for the bad English.
  4. There is and article of the Electronic Frontier Foundation that mention the subject: http://bit.ly/1p4Dnea "Nest Reminds Customers That Ownership Isn't What It Used to Be"
  5. Hello!, my first message in the forum. First of all: Thanks Ross!!!, the quality of your videos is outstanding. The video was really entertaining for me, i watched the whole. Regards to the format of the chat, i found your suggestion in the video (one chat only for worth questions, and another for talking) a very good idea, altought i dont believe any Streaming Platform that meets the requeriments for the videochat allows that. p.s.: Sorry my bad, rigid english. I haven´t written more than a sentence in years.
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