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  1. Since the Machinima removal I wanted to make a thread where people could post their old favorites that managed to get backed. Mine:
  2. Embrek

    Albion Online

    Have 106 hours in this game at the time of typing this, everything being player driven makes for a lot of unique gameplay you won't find in very many other mmo's. Like how traveling between major cities (which are vulnerable to guild raids/sieges) or going out to collect resources you will eventually run into roving gangs of highway men and it has made my heart race nearly escaping with my just farmed resources being run down by 7 Puerto Ricans.
  3. Embrek

    Down with the sickness

    You sure do get sick a lot Ross, more than anyone I know, but anyways get better soon Ross.
  4. Embrek

    Steam Name Thread

  5. Embrek

    Halo: Master Chief Collection going to Steam

    I predict this this to be the start of the end for Xbox. If they're putting Halo back on PC, nothing is off the table now. I would say they have 1 more console in them at best and if if it's not a hit, will start slowly going strictly PC.
  6. Embrek


    I have to second this, someone should upload this to wallpaper engine.
  7. Embrek


    I've got to say a game of this genre has some great potential, Only a few minutes into the videos I could see that this game was gleaming with it, definitely a game style worthy of more games. I could seriously see some crazy good atmosphere with each town and playstlye being different. I could see myself seriously sinking a lot of hours into a game like this, Someone please make another game like this
  8. Embrek

    Videochat September 2017

    Grats on getting marries, hope it turns out well
  9. Embrek

    Was No Man's SKy doomed to fail?

    Yell of course, the reason people hyped this game up so much was because of the marketing made it seem more then just a walking simulator and the devs knew that, that's why the were reluctant to show gameplay and when they did it was always the same walk here, name that, and fly away, and that's another thing, if and the game's whole thing was procedurally generated and no one ever seeing the same thing as another player, then whats the point of the naming system! I think that it's just this generation of p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ gamers buys into marketing to much and just believes whatever they see. This game is the perfect example of why you don't buy day one or pre-order.
  10. Embrek

    games you love too much

    Pretty much any source or (old) id game
  11. Embrek

    Meanwhile, at Valve...

  12. Embrek

    Birthday thread: Soundtracks

    Happy Birthday Ross!!! This is definitely one of my favorite sound tracks all all time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItijXuzvk5U&list=PLMVv8DV9luQScV5SOV7Lpt_qMqSsqkvsW

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