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  1. It's been a while since I was last here. In that time, I put together a bunch of gmod animations in the style of the 2008-2012 classics. It's pretty great to call yourself a machinima maker! Here's a short one for you to enjoy:
  2. I forgot I had an account here. I forget many things. Now I am back! I think.
  3. 1. Primary Weapon: Any reliable semi-automatic or automatic rifle for the .223 Remington cartridge. This cartridge is quite common, and very similar is size to the 5.56 NATO one as well. Maybe my gun could fire both? The goal here is to have plenty of ammo. 2. Secondary Weapons: Titanium Crowbar. Excellent for crushing skulls, breaking open doors, tearing down barricades and swatting head-crabs out of the air. Multi-use! In addition, I'd have some sort of lightweight pistol with a high magazine capacity as a back up. 3. Stronghold: A cottage in Muskoka. The place would be reinforced, but disguised to look as wrecked and abandoned as possible. The lakes in the Muskoka region would provide easy transport to loot other cottages, a place fish for food, somewhere where I'd be untouchable by the zombie horde and a source of freshwater (filtration needed, of course). And in the forests behind me, there are plenty of animals to trap and hunt. Also, the place is beautiful. 4. Vehicle: I'd have a canoe and a bicycle. Both are lightweight, quiet, man-portable systems of transport that are easy to maintain and independent of fuel. 5. Outfit: Standard utilitarian outdoor wear. Changes depending on season, obviously. One defining feature, however, would be duck tape reinforcements around the collar and shoulders, forearms, and shins. These seem to be the places where zombies bite most often, so a simple, lightweight, bite-resistant armour right there would be perfect. 6. Companion: Best friend. 7. Battle Music: The DOOM Soundtrack. 8. 3 Additional Supplies: My bug-out back, stuff to maintain my equipment, MREs, etc. Standard survival gear. I'd also bring some good science fiction novels.
  4. I can make the models... in Google Sketchup. Is there a particular file type you want the models in, because maybe sketchup will export it.
  5. 3D modelling is an excellent way to spend your time! I wish you good skill in the days to come.
  6. Live life in reverse in reverse, so that to the people living in reverse I am the one living in reverse. What would you do if you found large machine gun in your garage, with no memory of putting it there but all evidence appearing otherwise?
  7. I must say, within the last few months I seem to have been doing the opposite of everyone else: enjoying TF2 more. Really, I still love this game to bits! I hear all this talk of horribly unbalanced weapons, hackers abound, toxic groups of people and all manner of issues. But... I don't think I really suffer from any of it. I find the weapons to be OK at the moment. There are some weapons I think are truly useless, and would love to see rebuilt, but I have never recently been prevented from having an enjoyable experience or winning by a single weapon. Not since the Tough Break Phlog, but that's fine now. If I find someone is using a certain weapon well, I can always just counter it and everything works. About hackers, I see very few. When they are present, it's fun to watch them run about twitching madly, their chat slaved to advertise lmaobox, until they are quickly vote-kicked. And if they somehow stay, I just switch servers, no problem. And the toxic community? I find more that often than not, it is barely an issue worth noting. Someone spams lenny in the chat? I don't care, I hardly even read the chat. Someone says 'get rekt' after they kill me? Why on Earth should that matter to me? I have never gotten into a real argument or negative conversation with anyone in TF2. Just yesterday, someone humorously gave me a 'lap dance' as I was sitting in my Relaxo chair in the vents on turbine. We started talking and now we're friends. This sort of thing happens to me all the time, and I ONLY play valve servers. It can't just be good luck. Now, TF2 does have issues, but none of them are game breaking at all, at least to me. TF2 needs a spring cleaning update that focuses solely bug, UI, animation, and other types of inconsistencies and errors, as well as better optimization. And it does bug me how many cosmetic items break the art style (If I were to make one update, I'd end up putting Halloween restrictions on most cosmetics). But these issues don't prevent me from playing TF2 and having a blast while doing so. I still think this game is amazing, and it will take a lot more than what I've seen so far to dissuade me.
  8. I don't know where else to post this. I need help identifying a movie I watched in my childhood. I can only remember fragments: - It was sort of a sci-fi, I think. Had some funny moments too, if i can remember. - There was a scene where the hero and his companion were in a room filled with dynamite and the fuse was lit. They just barely escape. - There was a scene where a bunch of people were trying to enter a secret base and had to pass through a gate that would disintegrate you. They do something to it and the gate appears to be disabled. They test it by all stepping through at once, and someone suggests they should have just tested it by throwing something. - Once inside the base, they discover the mad scientist has long since died. This base was huge and had some sort of production line. - Something involving giant robots. - Super heroes? Maybe? - I was young when I saw it, so it must have been pg-13 or E rated or something. I will not let this fade into the abyss of my memory! Help!
  9. On the PC, the forum runs flawlessly, but is quite difficult to use on my mobile. Whenever I'm on here, there is a grey banner stating how they (Ross?) have to inform me about my consenting to cookies or something. This banner occupies a large portion of the screen, and clicking the " I understand" checkbox is supposed to make it go away. Tapping on it reloads the page, but the banner re-appears seconds later. As well, I am logged out every time I move around between topics. Are these known problems? How can I solve them?
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