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  1. What ruling people prefer is really mostly up to the individual. Personally I'd sacrifice a whole ton of safety and stability for the tiniest sliver of agency, so an autocracy seems like a terrible idea to me, even if we pretend (and it is very much pretend) that it generally yielded better results. The republic was a lot more stable than the roman empire.
  2. Yup, that's the one. there's a website too: http://sureai.net/ and just for downloading http://enderal.com/ Yeah, I don't think I can think of a single other TES mod of this scope that actually got released, except for the prequel called Nehrim. I'm not even sure that there's any other mod in its league. the things that come to mind are A Dance of Rogues and The Nameless Mod, but they don't feel like they had even half the work put into them, so to me it's just amazing.
  3. While I can see lack of sources as a concern, I don't really agree that he should watch his step to such an extend. Ross said it himself, he is the equivalent of a mad street preacher, these are the things that make the show great, he gets to talk about unusual topics about the games. I also have serious doubts that analysis of specifically game related politics will draw a noticeable hostile crowd. Also I admit that not everyone can do this, but honestly I think it's as simple as ignoring the parts of a fanbase you dislike if they become disagreeable. Additionally things like /pol/ and fox have little overlap with people against income injustice and the military industrial complex, they're usually staunch defenders
  4. I like it a lot better than Skyrim so far. It's kinda reminiscent of gothic/risen in design philosophy, which I love
  5. I would really love to see him either playing Nehrim or Enderal. I can't get over that these games even exist, and I think that a lot can be said about that. I also feel like they're getting pretty much no love.
  6. Anyone else played it? It's mindblowingly good, basically the NV of skyrim, except an entirely different setting, and free.
  7. I don't know much about elsweyr, but Nehrim was fully finished, translated to english and everything. Enderal seems like it's finishing up as well, and there were two morrowind mods as well.
  8. Perhaps the biggest modding endeavor of all time, yet I never hear anyone speaking of it. Nehrim is definitely a game in its own right, and it actually eclipses Oblvion in a ton of ways(The melee system unfortunately remains the same). Some things you wouldn't expect from a mod. Nehrim has about 60 hand crafted dungeons. All, or near all dungeons in oblivion are randomly generated and then just touched up a bit. Nehrim has more voice actors than Oblivion Nehrim has about 8 times as long a main story quest. Nehrim has a 40% bigger world map. Nehrim removes the level scaling, instead tailors zones to certain levels giving actual sense of progress. Nehrim has its own composerS. It's pretty amazing, if you like the Gothic games it's worth a look. It's also getting a sequel called Enderal that isn't getting too much attention either, despite a huge cast, original character models, texturing and world map. To put into perspective the scope of these maps, a mod came out for skyrim a year or two ago. The mod boasted having 1000 workhours put into it. Well, currently Enderal has 27000'ish hours put into it.
  9. Arcanum has an excellent soundtrack. It's also one of the most hand-tailored soundtracks out there, one of the few soundtracks where the musician actually worked as hard on the project as the programmers and game designers. There's an article here on the process of creation. http://www.benhouge.com/arcanum.html Unlike a certain other user, I think it beats victoria 2 out the water, but that's obviously subjective. I'd recommend Nier, but you've requested no lyrics, and it is pretty critically acclaimed, so instead I'll recommend you checking out Arc The Lad 2 and Arc the Lad: Twilight of The Spirits instead. I'm not 100% that they're as great as all that or if it's just nostalgia. At the very least it's diverse, so don't judge it on one track. Blade Symphony is another game I'm so fond of that I can't really tell if the music is good anymore The soundtrack however is not free. Rome is the weakest in the universalis series, but in my opinion it has the strongest soundtrack. It's uploaded by the publisher, so you'd assume they're ok with you listening to it, but there's an itune link as well. This is my first post btw, but I've lurked a lot. hi.
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