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  1. Gotta put in my request for 1996's "Animal", an adver-game for the meat-based snack food Peperami. Inexplicably, it's a "comedic" point-n-click adventure game that challenges Armed & Delirious for how much it actively fights against the player. Much liked the aforementioned reviewed game, Animal has: Absurdly picky mouse placement for exits Inconsistent methods for exits (e.g. randomly needing to press "Use" on a staircase when all other staircases just have you clicking the bottom step) A massive inventory and an overabundance of random items to collect with no clear use case for any of them A complete lack of direction or plotline within the game itself A consistently unpleasant or weird soundscape at any given point A protag that doesn't shut up (except in this case, it's a lot more screechy. See above.) As a bonus, it also has a narrator that constantly talks down and is hostile toward the player. Enjoy getting insulted for attempting to even remotely think logically about a situation on screen. Archived over on IA here, for better or worse: https://archive.org/details/peperami-adventure-game-1997
  2. After disappearing from the internet entirely due to the official website and Desura snuffing it along side Apple killing off the iOS/macOS versions due to age, you can now finally play Trichrome, the latest game from Helious developer Sean M Puckett, again. Unfortunately, it's only the Windows versions, so Mac and Linux folk are left in the dark unless a freak miracle occurs and they manage to import and fix up the project file in the newest version of Unity (but I wouldn't get your hopes up for it.) Because he's offering no support for it, it's a free download on good ol' itch.io, with the option to send him a few bucks if you enjoy it. I figured a few folks here would definitely get a kick out of trying it, but do know that there's no weird alien backstory to this one; just pure simple frenetic tile matching. Point yourself this ways for Trichrome: https://smerp.itch.io/trichrome
  3. I traded a bunch of TF2 shit I didn't want anymore for keys and ref and used that to get Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth, which is possibly the greatest game I've played in a long ass time. Which to be honest is pretty interesting because I hated the original BOI. Oh, also Screencheat, which a friend gifted to me. That game is equally incredible.
  4. I can't believe no-one's posted the echochrome 2 soundtrack yet! Not only did this thing get a world record for the longest piece of music in a video game (its 1 hour 15 minutes long) but it's also absolutely beautiful Super obscure bonus link - If you're a fan of theremins and guitars, then might I recommend the soundtrack to the PSP game "Otsugea Uranai Na Desu."? EDIT: Happy Birthday by the way, Ross!
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