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  1. z3qm2tTD_oQ Been on a serious Bowie kick recently. I think I especially like this song because it sounds like something out of F-Zero or some other racing game.
  2. I used to listen to the Super Best Friendcast (I love their Let's Play channel), but I fell behind and kinda dropped the habit. Highly considering picking it back up, though. The problem I have with podcasts and other formats like that (audiobooks, etc) is that I'm a horrible multi-tasker when it comes to that sort of stuff. I can never seem to listen to an audio thing while also doing something else (at least the last few times I've tried). I once tried to listen to the Dune audiobook, but I had such a hard time paying attention to it while doing anything else that I ended up just lying in bed listening to the audiobook. Which was rather annoying to me because I can read much faster than the audiobook. In some current news, I've got food poisoning. Yaaay! Had a sandwich from a convenience store (I know that's usually a bad idea from the get-go, but this store - QuikTrip - is usually higher quality than your average gas station / convenience store) and I think the roast beef was under-cooked or maybe the cheese was bad. I dunno. I've had this exact kind of sandwich from the same store many times and this has never happened before, but I guess I just got a bad sandwich. Anyways, I'm not eating that food ever again.
  3. That's definitely Serious Sam. "What's this? A scurrying little mouse that roars like a lion? Are you saying this time will be different than the last? Will you finally provide me with some entertainment?" "I'll do far more than that. I'll provide you with a messy end to your sorry life." EDIT: Well, shit... Sorry for apparently killing the thread. The game I quoted was Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.
  4. Wait... what? Holy shi- *looks at date* Aww c'mon, Ross... This is cruel!
  5. Nope. hnmoS596vXg Edit: Swapped video urls because embedding was disabled I guess.
  6. I am thoroughly impressed. I don't think that can be topped.
  7. I guess we discovered Motörhead from two completely separate games, because I learned about them through Brütal Legend. H71VEV1c_XE
  8. Monster Hunter Generations. Finally got a Circle Pad Pro (Don't have a New Nintendo 3DS yet - still only have the regular-sized 3DS), so now I can play Monster Hunter at length without my hands cramping up. Currently farming the Shogun Ceanataur for that amazing armor set. The Expert skill looks so alluring, and having good Fire and Water resistance seems like a great idea. After I finish getting that armor, I might grind for the Malfestio armor set so I have a good set for Thunder resistance, and the Tenderizer skill seems absolutely OP. After that, I'll probably do the Urgent Quest for the Yian Garuga and get into 5-Star quests. I haven't really been working on my HR at all, but I think after the Yian Garuga I'll just farm out the early online quests.
  9. During the Dark Souls 2 Global Restart event, I was making a Spear / Lance character, and I usually enjoy naming my characters funny names. I wanted to name him "Pokey McStabber," but Poke is a censored word. I wanted to name another character "Big Bang Wang," but Bang and Wang are censored. So I settled on "Long Dong Wong," since none of those words were censored. In case anybody was wondering, I used this website to check what names would be censored in Dark Souls 2.
  10. kH0AnOlkB4o Ever since my exposure to him through the 1997 Berserk anime, Susumu Hirasawa has become one of my favorite artists. His music is so unique and interesting. I've never really heard anything quite like his particular style. He also composed the soundtrack for the 2006 animated movie Paprika (which happens to be what Christopher Nolan ripped off almost wholesale for the premise of Inception). KJY1TomgkBs
  11. Such a shame the western release wasn't able to feature this in it's opening. sdVvgdVglOw EDIT: Damn, that is one heck of a cover. Hotline Miami had one of my favorite soundtracks of any game in the past several years. Good to see people are giving it the respect it deserves.
  12. I'd grow facial hair if I could, but unfortunately my mom's side of the gene-pool has pretty much cursed me to be unable to grow a decent beard (there are patches where hair refuses to grow), and my mustache won't grow at all. I envy my eldest brother, who is currently rocking a fully-grown goatee. He definitely has more of our dad's side in him. Dad has been sporting a bitchin' mustache for over 25 years. My brother also has pretty long hair. We tease him a lot and call him Jesus when ever he comes over to visit. He actually looks quite a bit like Ross, now that I think of it.
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