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  1. A libertarian on Youtube kind of talked about how the political compass isn't always a perfect method of figuring out your views. For one, there's whether you're answering the questions based on how you feel about something versus answering based on what you think would be the least hypocritical upon further analysis. When she tries to answer her questions on a more logical basis, she demonstrates she's pretty far into the right-leaning libertarian section. When she votes on issues through a more personal feelings lens, being pro-life or whatnot, it puts her closer to the center, though not completely. So... take these things with a grain of salt.
  2. Even if it doesn't have the immediate effect of causing a company to go under, enough people boycotting can at least grab some attention, perhaps couple with re-direction to a company that is more respectful of the demands of the disenfranchised buyer base. So, absolutely boycott as you see fit. Whether it's against Hollywood or EA or some food company performing shenanigans.
  3. Stefan Molyneux brought on someone with a different take on this. He believed there is in fact man-made global warming, but that it's a positive thing, because apparently the carbon emissions helped prevent what would otherwise have been both a global cooling and because he believed that there would've been fewer plants today due to the obvious nature of plant respiration. I don't know myself. Video of it is over here:
  4. This is an awkward question to answer. What do you consider, "Ultranationalism" for example? I would consider Turkish-Germans sending death threats to German Parliament for joining together to officially declare the Armenian genocide an abominable act against human rights to be "dangerous ultranationalism" on the part of the Turkish-Germans not wanting an atrocity rightfully associated with their history. There's also the creepy vibe I get from leftist Germans, however, who seem to think recognizing actual achievements of their own country and not just living this life of "Oh, we must atone for our sins because of WWII." is "dangerous ultranationalism". One wrote a comment rather suggesting they hoped Hungarians and Slovaks all died out if a crisis hit them because, quite frankly, these countries don't have the funds to take in refugees. Or heck, there's whatever you define as patriotic in America, which can be anything from a great thing to a disgusting thing. There's also a bit of feeling that the World Order in it's current form can be considered a positive in the wording of the question of this poll, which I would hesitate to agree with, rather.
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