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  1. So is the vod completely muted for anyone else?
  2. Can we just stick with base half-life 2? I mean honestly I'd prefer if he went full OG with the launch build of half-life 2 due to things that broke with updates and the changes, but maybe that's just me.
  3. Half life death match. I got it out of a friends house took it from the magazine so I could play as a cheesy santa clause skin on a single map with my friend for hours at a time.
  4. It's really missing the feel of the original levels man. I mean I guess I can see the influences but it feels a lot more like those generic caves from episode 1 more then it reminds me in any way of Zen. Kind of sad really, but I hope it'll be fine when it finally comes out to the masses. Gotta hold out the hope.
  5. According to the answer he gave in his February 2017 chat to a question I asked along these lines he hadn't exactly thought about it. However I do think this would be a fantastic plot twist if he decided to use it. I mean just imagine the wonders that could flow out of that concept. It would just be incredible.
  6. I mean it kind of works I guess? It's not terribad, but hmm. There is still some small part of me that wants Ross to go back and play through Black Mesa Freemans mind after the end of episode 2 as a sort of thinking it was all a dream. And then maybe once that's done we'll be living on mars colonies and the moon will be fully teraformed, and episode three will be announced as being ready for launch in just eight more years. :L
  7. This was so worth the wait Ross. I had never even heard about this game before your video, and THIS is what I love about Game Dungeon. You're almost every episode showing me something really good and new to me.
  8. I still find it interesting everyone's cought up in the game we forget how scary the whole oil thing is.
  9. See I don't hate them but I really wish there were more of them. I mean if you're going to add them in get your artists who by the end aren't doing much at all to just churn out new animations for those takedowns so they don't get stale as fast.
  10. I'll be perfectly honest and say while I'm very glad that these episodes were made as they provided an interesting window into the series I hadn't quite thought of before the sheer amount of effort and time that obviously went into this project makes me partially question if it shouldn't have gone towards the movie. Of course from the sounds that's nothing you don't already know. Again I'd never say that now we have it I'd want it not to have been a thing, because it got me thinking about oil again, and how I really need to get that whole socio-economical collapse survival plan wormed through the works. As someone who played well two of the three games here, but didn't exactly keep up with the communities at all I can honestly say with most of these it hadn't really occurred to me. I mean even the fact Human Revolution was a prequel was lost on me as someone who is a bit thick when it comes down to the wire. I honestly just thought it was a semi competent sequel to the series which was sort of full of its own koolaid. Was given a copy first week of the game coming out, got to right after that first boss and then just sort of petered out as far as interest goes in trying to slog through to the end. Also: I'm really loving this back and fourth in this thread, I've always had a good bit of fun setting back and reading this place lurking in the shadows but this was the first time I REALLY wanted to get involved with the conversation before realizing there are more qualified people for the job then me.
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