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  1. He's had 22 years to acquire that skill. If that's not stupidity then I don't know what is. This is why primadonnas don't get a pass anymore. They are production cancer unless the project is tiny and even then there's the possibility that they sabotage everything once their precious vision is compromised. Cage is just an outlier.
  2. This is the unfiltered Cage Experience, Ross. The other games are "less" batshit because he's been progressively put on a leash as Quantic Dream releases games. Detroit is his most sober game, mostly because it's the first QD game that has another writer beyond Cage and that guy that other guy that has a name sounding like a disgusting variety of cheese. The rest of Cage's games are more "subdued", in the sense that a trip on LSD, PCP and Thunderbird is technically a comedown once you take out the Shrooms (if you truly want to keep those shrooms and add some organic solvents as well, make the effort of playing Omikron). The thing is, though, that when you say that there is latent talent in David Cage you're confusing having cool ideas with having talent. Cage cannot execute his ideas for shit. Why? Because he's well... He's fucking stupid. He does not know how to write. It's as simple as that. David Cage does not write stories, he writes what he thinks are cool plot-points and threads them as barely as he can without fleshing out anything. You just saw it in Indigo Fahrenheit: It kept introducing plot elements and tropes even at the end of the story, not because it answers things meaningfully, but because David Cage wanted to have AI demons from beyond the stars. It's like the elephant graveyard approach to storytelling. This isn't Jackson Pollock, this is a monkey with a brush. Again, Detroid is the outlier mostly because of that additional writer, who clearly filled the plot ditches that Cage leaves in his wake (even though Detroid is not well written at all). In fact, if you manage to find it on sale, I recommend playing that one over the others since it does has some Deus Ex style newspaper clippings talking about life in 2038. But the main plot is just Life is Strange style melodrama for melodrama's sake, everything around it is way more interesting that anything shown in the game, because engaging with the world they've created is too difficult for Cage to engage with, since he's just not intelligent. Again, you're thinking this could've been the movie "Her" if it was ironed out, the reality is that if this was ironed out it'd come out more like Transcendence. In short: If I had any money, I'd gift you the Modern Cage Collection on Steam. We have such sights to show you.
  3. I don't think so. Freeman would just miss the sewage pipe. Besides, even if he did find it, I don't think the AKV has enough lines to make into something worth showing.
  4. Eh, it's a cool video. Too bad the entirety of the game is too lazily put together to really sustain the points made in the video. For all the "would you even want to make the choice?" hullabaloo, that doesn't change the fact that the game fucking railroads you into making those exact choices (and completely invalidates the ones that you make in different timelines anyway). It doesn't change the fact that dialogue is terribly written, the puzzles inane and the characters mediocre at best. There isn't a secret "you can do something that's actually satisfying" ending, there is just the "kill the burden" or "save the dipshits" endings and that's it. Besides, the time mechanics are still poorly explained, so you just can't really be sure of making any kind of dent in the future. So just because the characters think that killing off Chloe will save the town doesn't mean it will. The tornado could effectively happen because of something completely unrelated, Max could retain her powers anyway, etc. It's not well written, it's not well executed and the "the game is just like the main character" crap is just a front for justifying mediocrity. This game is about as deep as a lesser Rick & Morty episode.
  5. Don't worry Ross, there's a bunch of people who don't like this game. I sure as hell hate it. By the way, to strike that bridge too far with a 120mm HE shell: The game gets worse as it progresses. You didn't even make it to the moment where they introduce Chloe (the blue haired chick), AKA the worst character in the entire game.
  6. That's not a helpful attitude. If your math checked out then I'm pretty sure they would've listened to you (and it should check out, because again, working prototype).
  7. It's weird that they didn't listen to you, considering that you have working prototype. Did you show them your math? If so, what did they say?
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